Elden Ring is an open-world RPG that takes place in a world divided into two realms, the wild and the mundane. You begin by playing as one of these two class types: The Pathfinder or The Hunter. Once you complete your character’s story arc, you can choose to continue on with either role; however, if you want to find all of Elden Ring’s map fragments and locations before hitting “New Game Plus” (a second playthrough), then it might be better for you to pick up both roles at least once.

The “elden ring map fragments locations” is a list of the various locations where you can find map fragments and locations for the Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: Where to Find Map Fragments & Locations

Elden Ring is enormous, significantly greater than you’d anticipate considering the short size of West Limgrave’s opening area. Knowing where to look for the countless map bits and places strewn around the Lands Between will expose the world’s vast size, but not its depth.

Finding map fragment locations to complete the Elden Ring map is just half of the story. Almost every important zone extends above and below the map’s eye-line, so exploration is essential, even if you have a basic idea of where you are.

Regardless, the Lands Between are shrouded in a fog of war until you explore them, and even after pushing back the darkness, it remains a brown wasteland without these region maps. Except for a few incredibly late-game places, which will be arriving shortly, here’s where you may discover map pieces.

Where to Find Map Fragments & Locations in Elden Ring

The obelisk they sit next to is represented on the map as a little orange tower amid the otherwise featureless brown nothingness of an unmapped region for the vast majority of map pieces. Except for a few extremely late-game parts, we’ve gathered all of the key components. Those will be added shortly.

Fragment of the Limgrave West Map


The Gatefron Ruins are located north of the Elleh Church. The gate in issue is located at the Ruins’ westernmost point, and the map piece is located east of it, beside a big caravan wagon. Several foes protect the piece at the foot of the obelisk along the road, including a trumpet soldier who will summon all of his pals, but you may get out of dodge quickly after picking it up.

Fragment of the Limgrave East Map 


The Mistwood is located east/southeast of the Gatefront Ruins, over the bridge and along the road. Follow the road slightly south till you reach the Minor Erdtree. You may also come across a massive stone structure with an elevator leading to the Siofra River (next on this list). Go to the western side of the Minor Erdtree and look for the huge bear clawing at a neighboring normal tree. Close by, the piece is at the foot of an obelisk.

Fragment of the Siofra River Map


From the Mistwood well elevator (which carried you down here), go northeast until you see a massive temple in the horizon. The map fragment sits on the rightmost column at the foot of the temple stairwell. Use our locations guide to find all of the area’s flame pillars, which you’ll need to light if you stay to battle the Ancestor Spirit within the temple.

Fragment of the Liurnia East Map


Head northwest toward the lake, using the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace as a guide, which can be located just beyond Stormveil after you fight Godrick the Grafted. On your journey to the lake, pass past the army camp, and you’ll come upon a tiny collection of trees. Find the map fragment towards the end of the woods, among some ruins, at the foot of an obelisk.

Fragment of the Liurnia North Map


Go almost directly north from the Fragment of the Liurnia East Map until you reach either a broken bridge or a large, sunken town. At the intersection of the bridge and the town is the Academy Gate Town Site of Grace. The map fragment is right next to the site.

Fragment of the Liurnia West Map


Go directly west from the Fragment of the Liurnia North Map until you reach the island of the Rose Church. Continue northwest until you make it back to dry land. Follow the road north, past an Evergaol, and make your way to the Northern Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace. The map fragment is just northeast of the Site.

Fragment of a map of the Weeping Peninsula


You’ll cross the Bridge of Sacrifice, a strongly guarded bridge connecting to Limgrave’s southern section, the Weeping Penninsula, south of West Limgrave. To discover the map piece, just continue the road south through the enormous tunnel (to begin Hyetta’s questline, chat with Irinia on the left side of the road immediately before the tunnel).

You’ll travel through a region filled with dead opponents and foes mutilating other dead enemies; this is a deadly location early on, so proceed with caution. Finally, to your left, you’ll come across a shopkeeper. The piece may be found on your right after passing through the opening in the rampart wall.

Fragment of a map of the Ainsel River


Travel downstream from where you arrive at the bottom of the Liurnia well. At this moment, you can only travel left. Pass through the ants and the first set of ruins until you reach a vast cavern with an odd rock-throwing foe. Behind the beast, there is a well-lit chamber with a trader. The map piece is propped up against a neighboring pillar by a corpse.

Fragment of the Caelid Map


When you initially arrive at the Caelid Wilds from Limgrave, continue east until the road divides north and south, then turn south. On your right, you’ll pass the telescope, the marsh, a group of ruins, and a church before coming to a crossroads. There will be numerous Grace Sites along the road as well. Continue east on the road until you come upon a merchant’s campfire in the distance. The map fragment is in close proximity to the merchant.

Fragment of the Dragonbarrow Map


The easiest method to locate the Dragonbarrow map piece is to go all the way to Fort Faroth in the extreme east, just south of the Minor Erdtree (you can pick up the right half of the Dectus Medallion here). Travel west from the Fort along the road, using the massive Divine Tower as a reference.

Continue west when you reach an intersection, and you’ll come to a pond with two dragons wandering around. Just beyond the dragons lies a map piece. You’ve gone too far if you arrive upon the Isolated Merchant’s Shack. The map piece located to the southwest of the Diving Tower, down the trail from the tower’s base.

Fragment of a map of the Altus Plateau


The Fragment of a map of the Altus Plateau is along the northbound section of the main road. Coming from the Grand Lift of Dectus, one path leads you up a grand staircase into Leyndell proper. The path going north will take you right by the fragment, just past a small copse of trees.

If you’re coming from the Ravine Village or the Magma Wyrm, go south to the Grand Lift, then east along the road and north to the piece.

Fragment of the Leyndell Map


You’ll find the Outer Wall Phantom Tree Site of Grace just beyond the western entrance of Leyndell at the top of the huge stairway on the eastern side of the Altus Plateau, behind the massive doors guarded by two Tree Sentinels. The map fragment is located on the other side of the courtyard from the Site, just across from the large open gate.

Fragment of the map of Mt. Gelmir


The initial portions of Mt. Gelmir may be reached from the Altus Plateau’s northern corner. Follow the way up the slope, climbing ladders higher and higher until you reach Volcano Manor, a majestic mansion at the summit.

Turn around and depart out the front entrance from the Site of Grace inside the Manor. Follow the way down to the platform below, keeping to the left of the cliff’s edge. Just before a cave entrance, descend one more platform to obtain the map.

We can classify those map pieces and their positions in Elden Ring right now. There will be more in the future. Meanwhile, if you want to modify your playstyle, here’s how to respec your stats. If you need more information about the Siofra River merchant, we have a guide for you. Our Elden Ring guides center is still growing, so check back often for new additions.

The “elden ring map locations” is a game that has been released in the past few years. The game is set in an open world and players are able to find map fragments and locations throughout the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the first map fragment in Elden Ring?

A: The first map fragment you will find is in the area where you meet with the guardian.

Where to find all map pieces in Elden Ring?

A: There is a total of 8 map pieces. Six are found in the game, and two can be purchased with either your own money or an in-game currency called RNG Coins which you get from beating levels on hard.

Where is Liurnia Elden Ring?

A: Liurnia Elden Ring is a large city in the north of Elemantar. It has been absorbed into Oryxs territory and has since become part of The Hive City

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