Farming Simulator 22 is a new farming simulation game from the makers of Farming Simulator 19. The greenhouse option in this latest installment of the popular series comes with some unique challenges that you should consider before planting your first crop. Here are my tips for how to succeed with growing plants and crops in your farmhouse or outdoor garden plots

The “farming simulator 22 crop growth time” is a feature that allows users to see the amount of time it takes for their crops to grow. This feature can be helpful when planning out your next farming session.

Farming Simulator 22 Greenhouses: Water, Crop Grow Times, Cost, & Other Tips

Greenhouses in Farming Simulator 22 are worth their weight in gold. Plant nurseries have joined solar panels and wind turbines as options to produce passive and active year-round money in FS 22, thanks to a variety of new crops and features.

Greenhouses offer for continuous crop production with some strong production chain possibilities, albeit they aren’t cash cows like chicken coops. All you need to do now is add water! In Farming Simulator 22, this tutorial will teach you all you need to know about these facilities.

Greenhouses in Farming Simulator 22: Everything You Need to Know

There’s Only One Greenhouse Size That Rules Them All


If this is your first time playing Farming Simulator 22, you may access greenhouses and a variety of other buildable production facilities by choosing the building menu from the triple horizontal bar symbol at the bottom of the shop tab. Select the production tab from there, and you’ll see a submenu for greenhouses. 

Greenhouses are available in three different sizes:

  • $3,000 for a small business
  • $5,000 — medium
  • $10,000 — large

Despite the fact that all three sizes can produce the same products — lettuce, tomato, and strawberries — the big greenhouse offers the greatest value.

The big greenhouse takes the least amount of upkeep and has the greatest water reservoir: 20,000L; the medium and small greenhouses have 15,000L and 5,000L reservoirs, respectively.

Additional water tanks may be purchased under the silo extensions item in the building menu to increase your water storage capacity, but they only add 5,000L of capacity, so beginning big mitigates this long-term expense.

Grow Times and Ratios for Greenhouse Crops

Greenhouses produce crops all year, so if you’re playing Farming Simulator 22 with the seasonal crops option on, they’re a terrific method to maintain generating money throughout the winter months. All three kinds of crops may be grown in the same greenhouse at the same time, but each has a distinct water-to-output ratio:

  • Lettuce is a 2:1 ratio.
  • Tomatoes are a 1:1 ratio.
  • Strawberries have a 1:3 ratio.

Furthermore, growing various crops in the same greenhouse reduces the quantity generated every operating cycle. 

Finally, lettuce, tomato, and strawberry pallets are light enough to be loaded without the need of a forklift or other sort of loader.

Lettuce, tomatoes, and strawberries are now available for purchase at a fast-food restaurant, a bowling alley restaurant, a grocery shop, and a farmers’ market. Strawberries may also be sold in the bakery, unless you own it, in which case they will be preserved for use in cake manufacture. 

Invest in many greenhouses to increase production efficiency.


This is how greenhouse arithmetic for efficient production breaks down, illustrating why it’s ideal to acquire more greenhouses to maintain crop cycle efficiency as high as possible:

Let’s pretend we had a vast greenhouse where we only cultivate tomatoes. Tomatoes are grown in a 1:1 ratio, which means two growth cycles occur every hour in a big greenhouse. Every 30 minutes, 64L of water is converted into 64L of tomatoes, for a total of 128L water utilized and 128L tomatoes produced every hour.

Now we’ve decided to cultivate lettuce as well, since prices at the farmers’ market are increasing. We’ve split the cycles in half since we’re now cultivating two crops in the same huge greenhouse. We’ll get 64L of tomatoes from 64L of water and 32L of lettuce from 64L of water in an hour with this configuration. 

After some time has passed, we decide to join the cake manufacturing line, which means we’ll need some strawberries. So, along with the lettuce and tomatoes, we head to the greenhouse and add strawberries. Each cycle is now split by three, resulting in 43 liters of tomatoes, 21 liters of lettuce, and 85 liters of strawberries each hour.  

Don’t Auto-Sell: It’s Bad for Your Money.

Set your manufacturing facilities to auto-sell your items if your objective is to make the most money possible from your products.

Currently, near to the release of Farming Simulator 22, if manufacturing facilities immediately sell your items, you would lose 40% of sales due to convenience fees. Though manually selling products might seem micromanaging, if you’re playing alone, there are various methods to get around it by using the A.I. assistance. 

That’s basically all there is to know about greenhouses in Farming Simulator 22. Nurseries are a wonderful way to get into production, earn extra money all year, and provide you a reason to acquire some of the game’s amazing transport upgrades. Check out the rest of GameSkinny’s Farming Simulator 22 tutorials for more helpful hints!

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Farming Simulator 22 Greenhouses is the newest expansion pack for Farming Simulator. The “farming simulator 22 production chain” allows players to build and manage their own greenhouses with water, crop grow times, cost, and other tips.

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