The New England Patriots have been one of the NFL’s top teams for years. At one point, they were the reigning Super Bowl champions, but in recent years, they’ve struggled to recapture their championship success. Part of the reason for the team’s recent struggles is the loss of star quarterback Tom Brady, who is now a member of the New York Jets. But even without Brady, a team as talented as the Patriots is still in the mix to make another trip to the Super Bowl.

The once-great Cam Newton has made some of the most boneheaded plays in NFL history. His post-touchdown celebrations are bad enough. But when you look at his entire play-by-play record, you see him making the same bonehead plays again and again and again.

After being the top pick in the NFL draft, Cam Newton struggled through a disappointing rookie season with the Carolina Panthers. While some have claimed the struggles were the reason Newton was traded to the Denver Broncos, his former teammate in New England, Jerod Mayo, says that’s not the case. “I always had a lot of respect for Cam. He’s the first guy to text me when he gets traded, ‘Hey, I’m making this move and I’m excited about it. Keep my phone number.’”. Read more about patriots record and let us know what you think.

The season hasn’t even started yet, and the controversy in New England is already brewing. On ESPN’s Get Up, former Patriots quarterback Rob Ninkovich said he didn’t think veteran quarterback Cam Newton would make a comeback.

Ninkovich cited several reasons, including rookie quarterback Mack Jones, who seems to be impressing Patriots coaches. But as history teaches us, things can change quickly, especially in the case of the Patriots.

Cam Newton will start the season as the Patriots’ starting quarterback. But Ninkovic clearly believes it won’t be long before Jones replaces Newton as the team’s starter.

No, I don’t expect a resurgence, he told ESPN. It’s not because of hate. I see two types of offense the Patriots should use. A completely different offense with Cam Newton and another with Mack Jones.

Right now, the team is built to have a typical pro-style quarterback under center running the football, 22 men, 23 men. They’d be better off with Mack Jones at center. This is not the first time Ninkovic has expressed such an opinion.

While Ninkovic doesn’t think Newton will be a key player, he does believe Newton will play a big role in the offense next season, especially in red zone situations.

But he says before it’s all said and done, it will be Mac Jones’ team.

Mac Jones factor

There’s a reason the Patriots selected the former Alabama quarterback, and it’s not to keep him on the bench.

According to, most football experts felt that Jones, unlike most quarterbacks in the 2021 NFL Draft, was best prepared to start in the first game of the year.

Alabama’s pro-style system prepared Jones for the NFL.  However, some say the only reason Jones was good was the future NFL talent around him.

But that didn’t seem to bother the Patriots. Jones was the perfect quarterback for New England, especially going back to the offense they did with Tom Brady.

It looks like offensive coordinator Josh McDaniel and head coach Bill Belichick are returning to a pro-style offense instead of the run game option Newton had.

Can Cam Newton come back?

Patriots quarterback Cam Newton calls out his players before the game against the New York Jets | Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Everyone thought the Patriots got a good deal when Newton came to New England. The former NFL MVP seemed poised for a breakout year and the Patriots’ return to the playoffs.

But lingering injuries, including Newton’s positive COVID test, and poor play on the field made his first season in New England a disappointment, the Boston Globe reports.

During several games, Newton struggled so much that he was even benched. But according to reports, Newton is ready to reclaim his position as starting quarterback.

It may be too late. Jones has a firm grasp on the attention of the coaching staff. Maybe they’ll be more inclined to use him as a quarterback this season.

If the Patriots want to get back to the playoffs, appointing the starting quarterback might be the best option.

COMPARED TO: Eagles quarterback Jalen Harts thinks Patriots rookie Mac Jones will shine as a starter.

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