There’s a new game to play in Tokyo, and it only costs 100 yen. Tanuki Hunt is the latest fad that has taken Japan by storm. With this puzzle-platformer you join an elite team of tanukis as they try cross each level without being caught or eaten by badgers, eagles or other forest creatures along the way.

The “tanuki yokai balls” are a type of collectible item that can be found in the game Ghostwire Tokyo. The “tanuki yokai balls” are hidden in various locations throughout the map.

Ghostwire Tokyo: Where to Find All Hidden Tanuki Hunt Locations

Tanuki are little raccoon canids that can be found all around Shibuya in Ghostwire: Tokyo. There are 25 sites to locate, and they aren’t always simple to find like the other treasures in the game. Seeking them out, on the other hand, will reward you with the Your Tail’s Showing trophy or accomplishment, as well as an outfit. 

This Ghostwire: Tokyo walkthrough will show you where all of the Tanuki can be found in the game. Each one is located inside the Torii Gate Shrine’s domain, and you can check how many there are by hovering over a Shrine’s symbol on the map. Offering Boxes may be found in certain Shrines (but not all), where you can pay 500 Meika to reveal the whereabouts of a Tanuki. Cats’ brains may also be read for clues to surrounding sites.

Tanuki take on the appearances of anything from vending machines to gravestones to billboards. By searching for a tail waving from an item, you can identify whether it’s one of the naughty little critters. 

In Ghostwire Tokyo, where can you find all of the Tanuki that have gone missing?


After purifying the Shiroyama Shrine in Chapter 2, you’ll begin your search for these creatures. The Tanuki Hunt side mission will then be given to you by Boss Tanuki, who will arrive near the Shrine. When you’ve completed Ghostwire: Tokyo, you’ll get another side mission, The Boss Tanuki, at Kirigaoka Shrine, which will reward you with the Tanuki costume. 

You’ll need to discover all of these places if you want to acquire the trophies or accomplishments for all of the costumes in Ghostwire: Tokyo, or if you want to complete all of the side missions. Based on the sequence in which you purify the game’s shrines, this guide will show you where to locate them.

Tanuki Shiroyama

Tanuki Yellow Maple


  • Gives the Emotion Karate Form 1.

Turn right and go 30 meters west, down the steps and between a bamboo shade and a stone lantern, facing Boss. This one is marked by a little stone structure that resembles a pot. 

Tanuki with a Yellow Scarf


Tanuki with a Yellow Scarf can be found 141 meters southeast of Shiroyama Shrine. They are disguised as a red and white vending machine under the overpass, across from a Kawasemi parking lot in the middle of the road near a white moving truck, black sedan, and green taxi. 

Tanuki with a Yellow Purse


  • The Shrine Offering emote is given.

Tanuki with a Yellow Purse can be found 137 meters southwest of Shiroyama Shrine. It is impersonating a small, red Torii Gate on top of an octagonal eight-story building made of dark red brick. There is a red box sign on the roof and a Fujiyamart on the bottom floor. 


Tanuki Furoshiki (Green Furoshiki)


  • Gives the emotion Ground Sit 3.

On a rooftop 52 meters east of Namita Shrine, a green Furoshiki mimicking a Tanuki statue may be discovered. On the southwestern side of the building, there is a giant blue Precario energy drink sign with a Tengu flying. Tsukinami Restricted Area is immediately to the north.


Tanuki White Flower


Tanuki White Flower can be found 46 meters northwest of Akisawa Shrine. Go down the road leading west from the shrine. When you reach the intersection with the black van on the left, turn right. Look over the white fence to this one impersonating a small, red Torii Gate in the alleyway to the left of Club Crystal Glass.

Tanuki Red Furoshiki


  • Gives the emote Karate Form 2.

On the roof of Shibuya Central Hospital, about 115 meters north, northeast of Akisawa Shrine, there is a red Furoshiki. It’s on an awning that juts out over the edge of the building, beneath a traffic cone on the southern side.


Tanuki with Armor


  • Gives the emotion “Run Like the Wind.”

Tanuki with Armor can be found 55 meters southeast of Yashin Shrine at the Construction Labyrinth Landmark in front of Shibuya station. Look for a traffic sign that looks like a man with a blue hat running by three blue backhoes and one yellow one. It’s just southeast, across the street from a Yebisu Bank.


Tanuki (green maple)


  • Gives the emotion “My Right Hand Hungers.”

Green Maple is about 123 meters south of Kuo Shrine, southwest of the freeway, in a neighborhood west of the railroad lines, across the interstate. It’s a spoof of a park’s central panda spring ride, which is located near a tiny construction zone. 

Tanuki’s Yellow Necklace


  • The Umbrella emote is given.

Tanuki’s Yellow Necklace can be found 166 meters northeast of Green Maple or 131 meters southeast of Kuo Shrine. It is impersonating a black and yellow digital sign on the northeast roof of a black and grey 15-story apartment building. The building is against the highway overpass, on a large intersection going underneath the overpass. It also has a Yebisu Bank on the northwest corner, and this is where you pick up the sidequest A Full House.


Tanuki with a Red Flower


  • The Cutie Pie emote is given.

Tanuki with a Red Flower is impersonating a satellite dish just outside the Shibuya Station Landmark, 104 meters east of Morite Shrine. In the billboard-covered plaza between Shibuya Station and Shibuya Scramble Crossing, there is a small structure leading to underground shops. Jump on top to find this missing critter.

Utagawa Shopping District is located in Tokyo, Japan.

Tanuki with Bug-Eaten Leaf


Bug-Eaten Leaf may be located in an alley 11 meters north of the Sengokuzaka Landmark sign or 108 meters south of the Utagawa Torii Gate, disguised as a vending machine.

If you’re looking north from the Landmark symbol, the alleyway is on the left side of the roadway. Between a Leroue and a Tulitorbucks, look for it. When you enter the alleyway, the vending machine is the fourth on the left. Make careful to get the relic from the baby carriage near the movie.

Tanuki with Pink Flower


  • Gives the emotion Graceful Landing.

Tanuki with Pink Flower is impersonating a Raccoon billboard on top of a thin, six-story rectangular high-rise apartment building 80 meters east of the Utagawa Shopping District is located in Tokyo, Japan. Torii Gate. There is a Doc Jaro shop on the southeastern side, a park across the street to the southwest, and a larger rundown apartment building just to the north. 

Tanuki in a Red Scarf


  • Gives the emote Love and Peace.

Tanuki in a Red Scarf is roughly 196 meters northeast of Utagawa Torii Gate, across the river. On the northern side, there is a walkway below ground level that runs along the river. Go to the eastern end where the path dead ends into a wall and the river goes into a tunnel. Kook for a small wooden house door in the wall near the tunnel. 


Tanuki with Elliptical Leaves


Hitani Shrine is located 71 meters to the farthest southwest of Elliptical Leaf. It’s a Daruma camouflaged as an electrical relay at a tiny substation on the northeastern side of the bridge that spans the highway below. It’s across the street from a Fujiya Mart and next to three red, white, and yellow traffic barrels. 

Tanuki’s Green Necklace


  • Gives the emote Karate Punches.

The Tanuki’s Green Necklace can be found 99 meters southwest of Hitani Shrine, across the highway from Elliptical Leaf. Cross over the bridge from Elliptical, and take the first left on the other side (by the white moving truck and Dodai Muri Furniture shop). Go down the road about 30 meters, then take the first right (there will be a grey scooter on the corner). 

Continue for another 25 meters, then turn left at the first intersection, immediately before a park. After approximately 15 meters, turn left at a yield sign to locate a tiny rest area with a seat and vending machines. Green Necklace is imitating a cup of noodles as she walks by the left-hand bench.


Tanuki Tanuki Tanuki Tanuki Tanuki Tanuki Tan


  • The Sheepish emotion is given.

Tanuki Tanuki Tanuki Tanuki Tanuki Tanuki Tan may be one of the easiest to find. They are impersonating a yellow and black shop sign on the roof directly south of Namihara Shrine. Climb up the shrine and over to the adjacent roof. 


Tanuki Pink Purse


Toyoi Shrine is located 83 meters southwest of Pink Purse. In a Kawasemi parking lot, it’s mimicking a vending machine (not the one closest to the Tottoko Cinema in the same area). This parking lot lies a little farther southwest, towards the map’s extreme edge. 


Tanuki with a Blue Purse


  • The Sumo Stance emoticon is given.

Tanuki with a Blue Purse can be found just 30 meters northeast of Hatsuike Shrine. Look over the northeast corner of the building on which the shrine sits, and look down into Kirigaoka Restricted Area. You’ll see an office chair near a set of stairs. 


Tanuki with Yellow Flower


  • Gives the Emotion Wall Lean.

Tanuki with Yellow Flower can be found 132 meters north, northeast of Chishima Shrine, in the extreme northeast section of Kirigaoka Restricted Area. It is impersonating a payphone booth against a fence overlooking a real payphone booth and a small park. There is also a Kawasemi parking lot below, alongside a green taxi and blue sedan on the neighborhood street.


Tanuki Red Maple


  • Gives the emotion Ground Sit 2.

Tanuki Red Maple can be found just 33 meters north of Saihama Shrine. Go to the edge of the roof on which the Shrine sits, and look down to the north. You’ll see a Tanuki statue peeking out from behind a beige, stucco apartment building. This one is right next to a Jizo Statue, too. 


Tanuki with Polka Dot Furoshiki


Tanuki with Polka Dot Furoshiki can be found 91 meters southwest of the Tatsui Shrine on the southwest side of a parking lot underneath the overpass. It is masquerading as a red Daruma between the wall of a higher roadway and a beige-brick, eight-story apartment building with a shop on the lowest floor. There is a white compact car, red sedan, and crystallized car in the parking lot. 


Tanuki Tanuki Tanuki Tanuki Tanuki Tanuki Tanuki


  • Gives the emotion Cuteness Overload.

Tanuki Tanuki Tanuki Tanuki Tanuki Tanuki Tanuki is in a cardboard box on a bench 37 meters north (across the street from) the Onten Shrine. The bench is near a payphone in a small area tucked behind a building with an orange Dodai Muri Furniture sign above the door. The same building has a QTE Mart on one corner and a furniture store on the other. There is an orange truck parked out front and a white compact car with its flashers on. 


Tanuki’s Red Necklace


  • The Ground Sit 1 emote is given.

Tanuki’s Red Necklace can be found 44 meters south of the Mikubo Shrine impersonating a Tanuki statue on top of a beige building. Face the Mikubo Shrine, and turn around. Look up, and use the Tengu directly above. When you land, climb up the small building with the antenna in front of you, and look straight across to see the statue. 


Tanuki with Triangular Leaves


  • The Aquatic Kunai? emote is given.

Tanuki with Triangular Leaves can be found 91 meters west of the Shimokusa Shrine and 64 meters south of the Sakano Shrine. It is masquerading as a gravestone on the southern end of a cemetery. The cemetery is in the middle of apartment buildings and can be easily reached from both the southern and eastern roads in this area. It is nearest a long bike parking rack. 

Tanuki Kamio

Tanuki Furoshiki Pink


Tanuki Furoshiki Pink can be found 136 meters southwest of Kamio Shrine in another (inactive) shrine area just 25 meters north of Ginpei Crossing. It is off of a main road, across from a Freshmoth Burger restaurant and the Netsuke Collector Nekomata. The small Pagoda for the shrine area stands in contrast to the apartment buildings around it. 

That concludes the list of Ghostwire: Tokyo’s secret Tanuki locales. Now that you’ve finished your quest and earned your prize, you may continue on to additional treasures such as Voice Logs and Music Tracks. For additional information, see our Ghostwire: Tokyo guides site.

The “wanyudo” is a game that you can find in the “Ghostwire Tokyo: Where to Find All Hidden Tanuki Hunt Locations”. The game involves finding all of the hidden tanuki hunt locations.

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