Goat Simulator has been a controversial success since its release in 2014. The game is filled with barely-intelligent goats and their various antics, but the real magic comes from what they do to your computer’s performance. This time around, developer CoffeeStain Studios plans on getting even more out of your system via new content drops that’ll be coming soon after launch this fall.

The “goat simulator” is a game that was originally available on the PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. It has now been brought to the Windows Store for the first time. The game will be released in Fall of this year.



Once again, we goat. When Goat Simulator 3 debuts later this autumn for PC through Epic Games, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S, Pilgor the goat will be back to her shenanigans once again. The follow-up to Goat Simulator from 2014 skips right through Part 2 in an unsurprisingly cheeky manner, wreaking havoc on the island of San Angora. A dramatic film including explosions, jetpacks, vehicle collisions, and lots of headbutting was used to introduce the game during the 2022 Summer Games Fest. 

Goat Simulator 3 will debut with four-player local and internet co-op, upping the ante. You may cause mayhem in the game’s sandbox and compete against others in seven other minigames, albeit they haven’t yet been released, the creator Coffee Stain Studios claims. 

Similar to the first game, there will be a ton to discover around San Angora, including a ton of items, mysteries, and missions. Pilgor’s “head, back, feet, body, horns and furs with over 300 distinct gear components to pick from, from toilet rolls to tea tray and other genuine clothing items” may also be changed. Some gear parts can even change your playstyle by granting you new skills.

Some stores, including Target, which puts the game’s release date as November 11, 2022, are accepting pre-orders. Though that would put Goat Simulator 3 toward the conclusion of its “Fall 2022” release timeframe, Coffee Stain hasn’t verified that date and it might just be a placeholder. Pre-ordering the Pre-Udder version entitles the buyer to additional in-game equipment, the specifics of which have not yet been revealed. 

Watch the trailer at the top of this post to see Goat Simulator 3 in action and come back for more. 

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