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Tiger Woods has been mostly out of the spotlight since a single-car accident in February left him with broken bones all over his right leg. The few updates we’ve had on Woods’ recuperation have come from his PGA Tour pals, and they’ve all been vague and uninformative.

However, an unnamed source told People this week that Woods is making a “amazing recovery” and still intends to play on the PGA Tour.

Tiger Woods was reportedly seen playing golf without a cast.

Tiger Woods, sporting a sleeve on his right leg, was in Florida this weekend to see his son compete in a junior tournament. Williams/Facebook/Facebook/Facebook/Facebook/Facebook/Facebook/Facebook/Face

October 9, 2021 — Kendall Baker (@kendallbaker)

For the last seven months, Woods has essentially vanished. In a single-car accident in late February, the 82-time PGA Tour champion broke his right tibia and fibula, as well as other damage to his ankle and foot, and hasn’t been able to go out much since.

A few photos of Woods in a cast with crutches have emerged online, but the most recent photograph of the golf icon provided a positive update on his rehabilitation. Over the weekend, a photo of Woods on a golf course wearing just a sleeve on his right leg, which was originally shared by Facebook user Mack Williams, began spreading online. He’s seen watching his son, Charlie, play in a junior golf tournament in Florida with his girlfriend, Erica Herman.

It’s not a spectacular picture, but being out of the cast and walking on his own is a huge step forward for the 45-year-old Woods.

Tiger Woods is reportedly making a

Tiger Woods is reportedly making a Tiger Woods walks down the fairway at Sherwood Country Club during the ZOZO Championship o| Keyur Khamar/PGA TOUR via Getty Images

In the past few months, we’ve heard from Justin Thomas, Rickie Fowler, and Jack Nicklaus about Woods’ rehabilitation, but they’ve mainly stated he’s working hard on his rehab and enjoying the additional time with his family.

The golf world, on the other hand, got the most upbeat news this week.

An unnamed source close to Woods recently told People that the 15-time major champion has made a “amazing comeback” in recent months.

“Every day it seems like he can do more, manage more, the discomfort is lessening, and he’s feeling better,” the insider added.

He claims that the pain is now under control. He’d simply be sitting at home with his leg elevated, throbbing and in excruciating agony for the first couple of months. He’s still in agony, but it’s nothing compared to what he was going through before. He’s in good shape and believes he’ll be ready to return to touring soon.

People, anonymous source

That’s a big deal if the source is trustworthy, and golf fans all around the globe are praying he or she is.

Tiger is resuming his professional golf career.

When Woods’ vehicle skidded off the road and he had to have emergency surgery for his injuries, his friends and supporters were simply relieved he was alive. Given his advanced age and the extent of his injuries, it seemed doubtful that he would ever play on the PGA Tour again.

But we’ve seen Tiger make incredible golf comebacks before, so don’t rule him out this time. Woods, according to the insider, isn’t given up just yet.

“He has a timetable in his mind, but he’s not putting it out there,” the insider added. “He knows when he wants to return, and he’s going to make it happen.” “He adds that even if he isn’t 100 percent, he understands the importance of getting back out there and competing.” That is his objective.”

Nothing will get you more excited about golf than that.

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