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Ben Simmons was the subject of intense criticism after the Philadelphia 76ers were eliminated from the NBA playoffs by the Atlanta Hawks. Fans and media observers denounce Simmons for not being an offensive factor during the playoffs, and everyone has an opinion on why the point guard lacks confidence in his abilities.

But Simmons’ teammate Danny Green may have just revealed the real reason for his troubles.

Sixers fans call for Ben Simmons trade after playoff fiasco

Philadelphia 76ers’ Ben Simmons and Danny Green congratulate each other during the game against the Miami Heat| Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The 76ers should be in the Eastern Conference Finals right now, but they’re not, and Simmons is one of the main reasons why. Simmons didn’t shoot the entire series against the Hawks, and he was terrible at the free throw line in the postseason.

In 12 playoff games this year, Simmons has made 25 of 73 shots from the free throw line. At 34.2%, this is the worst postseason evaluation rate in NBA history. After the embarrassing playoff loss, Sixers fans immediately demanded that Simmons be traded this season.

Apparently, Simmons’ problems in the offense are not just physical, but psychological as well, and Green recently shed some light on that.

Danny Green says Simmons is dealing with family problems off the field

While 76ers fans continue to discuss possible trade scenarios for Simmons this summer, Green talked about his teammate on the Inside the Green Room podcast. It’s clear that the playmaker has had to deal with off-field issues all season, which may have affected his mindset.

I’ve seen a guy go through a lot throughout the year – mentally, emotionally, inside, outside, on the field, with his family, at home, Green said. And he doesn’t always talk about it in private, but I knew he was going through a difficult time. He had some problems during the season.

Outside of his personal life, Green believes Simmons needs an extra push from the outside to get to the level he needs to be as a basketball player.

You can tell that Ben is the kind of guy who, if you don’t encourage, push and force him, won’t take that risk, he continued. He clearly has a high IQ. You can say it. He makes a lot of assists and pushes the pace, and he gets paid to do what he does because he’s so good at it. But he doesn’t go off the beaten path because he knows that: I’m good at that. I don’t have to go out. It’s not that I’m encouraged to do it, or that I’m somehow afraid to do it.

How can the Sixers patch up Simmons?


There is no denying that Simmons has a special talent on the basketball court. He is an extremely smart player and sees the court better than anyone else in the NBA with his height. He is very good at recognizing a defender and can pick up the pace in transition to find teammates for easy plays.

But none of that means anything if Simmons can’t improve his numbers.

He always worked hard, Green said. He still tried to give us the best chance to win by doing what he can – rebounding, rebounding, rebounding, defending; and he did so to the best of his ability. He was not the Ben Simmons we needed in the offense at the time.

That’s right.

Simmons can still be an asset to the Sixers if he addresses his issues on the bench and works hard to improve his shooting. But if he can’t, Philadelphia may have to send him home.

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