With no Pro Bowlers to hand, and a rookie quarterback still adjusting to the NFL, the Oakland Raiders are treading water this year. But one particular player on the team has not been shy about expressing his frustration. Khalil Mack has not been impressed with the play of his young QB Derek Carr, blaming the lack of talent around him for the team’s performance.

The Toronto Blue Jays are in first place in the American League East and are five games ahead of second-place Boston. A lot of people call this a “rejuvenation” of the Blue Jays. But there’s more to it than that. It’s also a change in the way the Blue Jays play baseball, which is a big part of why they’re currently in first place. The Blue Jays have a combination of speed, experience, and power that is difficult to stop. That’s because they’re playing an exciting brand of baseball.

It didn’t go smoothly for new Jacksonville Jaguars coach Urban Meyer, who is trying to get used to coaching in the NFL versus college.

In that time, he has certainly learned some of the difficulties of working with professionals rather than students, and a former Hall of Fame coach who had been in contact with Meyer recently spoke of one aspect that perhaps angered him the most.

That coach is Dallas Cowboys legend Jimmy Johnson.

Urban Meyer has already made mistakes as new Jaguars coach


Meyer already faces the daunting task of beginning his first season as Jaguars head coach. He hopes to turn around a team that went 1-15 last season and a franchise that has made the playoffs just once since 2008 and three times since 2000.

But trying to change an already weak culture isn’t the only problem Meyer has faced so far. Even though Mayer hasn’t coached a single game yet, he’s basically already made mistakes.

Meyer made a controversial decision in February when he hired former strength coach Chris Doyle, despite accusations that he made racist comments and bullied players while at Iowa, ESPN reported. A day later, Doyle and the Jaguars parted ways.

Meyer and the Jaguars were also fined in early July after violating non-contact rules, according to NFL.com. The NFL fined the Jags $200,000 and Meyer $100,000. Jacksonville will also have to give up some OTA training for next year.

Urban Meyer disappoints in one aspect of NFL head coach

Urban Meyer, coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, during minicamp at 14. June 2021. | Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

After a successful stint with the Ohio State Buckeyes, Meyer went to work for the Fox television station, where Johnson also works. Meyer eventually used him as a tool in his decision to go pro, given Johnson’s previous successes with the Miami Hurricanes at the college level and the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL.

Johnson, who has been in contact with Meyer, recently talked about what has frustrated the Jags’ coach the most so far.

He’s a little frustrated now because he’s spent so little time with the players, Johnson said, according to The Florida Times-Union. He was always around the players and they couldn’t do that because of COVID-19.

Yes, COVID-19 has made life difficult for all coaches, but as NFL.com notes, professionals have more freedom than college players. They may miss voluntary training sessions and there are various restrictions on when players can participate in football activities.

Johnson, who plans to attend part of the Jaguars’ training camp, is still confident in Meyer’s ability to succeed.

Urban is very thorough. Urban put all his energy into preparing for the job, he said, as reported by the Florida Times Union. He knew what he was getting into when he accepted the job. During this process, we had many conversations. And I think he’ll do a great job. He knows how important employees are. He knows how to deal with people.

Jimmy Johnson knows a thing or two about success in college and in the NFL


If there’s one ideal coach to help Meyer understand the difference between college and pro level, it’s Johnson.

Johnson helped the Miami Hurricanes become one of the most dominant programs in college football in the 1980s, even winning a national championship as head coach in 1987. He became head coach of the Cowboys in 1989 and won Super Bowls with them in 1992 and 1993.

But Johnson also had to learn the difference between a college coach and the head coach of an NFL team.

The difference is not in the world, but in the galaxy, he said, according to The Florida Times-Union. As a college coach, I was a mentor, a kind of father figure, I consulted a lot with the players.

He continued: So my relationship with the players was very different than professional players who really – they’re dictated by financial reasons, it’s a business, their agents influence them – so it’s a very different relationship.

We all know Mayer understands football, but time will tell if he can handle not being a father figure but just the boss of a bunch of millionaires. At least he has Johnson to help him if he needs to.

Statistics provided by Sports Reference and Pro Football Reference

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