Former Buffalo Bills linebacker and NFL veteran Jordan Davis discusses the importance of being a smart defensive player, how coaches can develop players to be more versatile on defense and what he learned during his time playing in the league.

Jordan Davis is a defensive back for the Los Angeles Chargers, and he has been on the team since 2016. He is one of the most important players on defense. His ability to cover, tackle, and blitz make him an essential part of their success. This article will explore how Jordan Davis can help his team in the upcoming season. Read more in detail here: jordan davis georgia.

How Chargers Can Supercharge Defense With Jordan Davis

The “other team” in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Chargers, have made a great move only weeks after the Los Angeles Rams won the Super Bowl. Khalil Mack has been acquired by the Chargers from the Chicago Bears. No, he’s not the Mack of old, but the Chargers now have a chance to develop something exceptional on defense. The Chargers have the 17th overall choice in the 2022 NFL Draft, and they should target one guy in particular: Georgia defensive lineman Jordan Davis.

On offense, let Justin Herbert do his thing. The Chargers need to go all-in on defense now.

Georgia defensive tackle Jordan Davis is a freak athlete.

Jordan Davis, Georgia Bulldogs

Jordan Davis, Georgia Bulldogs At the end of the Georgia Bulldogs’ game against the South Carolina Gamecocks, Jordan Davis #99 reacts | Getty Images/Todd Kirkland

Davis has surged up draft boards since the NFL Combine in 2022, and there’s a chance he won’t be available for the Chargers at No. 17.

Davis might slide to the Chargers if there’s a run on a different position — say, edge rushers or receivers — and if he’s there… Tom Telesco must personally deliver the card to Roger Goodell.

Consider that for a moment. Davis is an exceptional athlete who doesn’t come around very frequently. He’s the one you place in head of the line while stepping off the bus so the other team knows they’re in for a battle. He’s a monster at 6-foot-6 and 341 pounds, but he’s not your usual space-eating nose tackle.

Davis is huge and strong, but he’s also very athletic. At the NFL Combine, he ran a 4.78 40-yard sprint, which had scouts and pundits alike buzzing.

Davis is a world-class athlete. Brandon Staley can put him in at nose tackle right away and expect him to do a lot more than chew up double teams. He’s the kind of defensive tackle that centers and guards dread. He’s the sort who is already in the backfield before the quarterback knows he has the ball.

God forbid he encounters you in open place.

Davis would complement Khalil Mack and Joey Bosa brilliantly.

Khalil Mack, now with the Los Angles Chargers

Khalil Mack, now with the Los Angles Chargers During the first quarter of a game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Chicago Bears #52 Khalil Mack rushes the quarterback. In Los Angeles, he’ll be a fantastic complement to Joey Bosa. Consider Jordan Davis joining the fight. | Getty Images/James Gilbert

Consider yourself an AFC West quarterback for a moment. Take, for example, Russell Wilson, who was just acquired by the Denver Broncos in a blockbuster deal.

Consider approaching the line of scrimmage and seeing Joey Bosa across the field (10.5 sacks and seven forced fumbles in 2021). Mack, who the Chargers acquired for a second-round selection and a sixth-round pick in 2023, is now on the opposite side of the defense from him. For a player like Mack, that’s not a terrible deal. Sure, he’s 31 and no longer the force-of-nature pass rusher he once was, but when healthy, he can still be a game-changer. Mack has six sacks in seven games last season before undergoing foot surgery and missing the rest of 2021.

Mack can no longer ruin an offense on his own, but he doesn’t have to in Los Angeles. With Bosa on the opposite end of the field, he’ll be under a lot less pressure, and image how LA’s defense would look with Davis in the middle.

Davis can devour quarterbacks and running backs up inside if Mack and Bosa collapse the pocket. He’s speedy and powerful enough, on the other hand, to blow up A and B gaps, forcing the ball outside and straight to Mack or Bosa. Derwin James will clean it up if they can’t.

Davis in the middle would be huge for LA’s defense, especially if Linval Joseph left in free agency. Even if Joseph remains, he’ll be 34, so having a guy like Davis waiting in the wings and rotating in might be very beneficial to the Chargers.

The Chargers would do well to bolster their defense.

Jordan Davis, potentially next to Khalil Mack?

Jordan Davis, potentially next to Khalil Mack? During a game between the Missouri Tigers and the Georgia Bulldogs, Jordan Davis #99 celebrates his tackle. Imagine him lining up beside Khalil Mack and Joey Bosa on the field. | Steven Limentani/ISI Photos/Getty Images

On offense, LA has a couple advantages built in. First and foremost is Herbert, who is projected to be one of the best five to ten quarterbacks in the league. Austin Ekeler is a shrewd veteran who remains one of the finest at his position. Mike Williams and his new deal (three years, $60 million, with $40 million guaranteed) showcase Herbert’s dynamic wide receiver group.

Offensively, the Chargers will be OK, if not outstanding.

The defense is where they need to emphasis this summer, and that process began with the Mack deal. If Davis is available, the next step should be to pick him. Staley (remember, he’s a defensive-minded head coach) can then go to work.

In the AFC West in 2022 and beyond, there will be a lot more shootouts. Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson, Derek Carr, and Herbert are now part of the division. When everything is said and done, two of those quarterbacks will be future Hall of Famers, and Herbert may have a shot to be the third.

In the AFC West, points will be scored. That’s about as simple as a promise gets. All of this means that putting up a defense that can at least shift the field sometimes has become critical.

Both Mahomes and Wilson will have their chances, but it’s reasonable to assume that the team that can slow down and even turn the quarterback over from time to time will emerge victorious from the division.

To that end, the Chargers are in a fantastic position. If they can choose Davis, they’ll be in good shape and may even have an edge in the AFC West.

Telesco ought to be sprinting up to the podium if he gets the chance.

ESPN and Pro Football Reference provided the statistics. Spotrac provides contract information.

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