GTA 5 Online has been out for a year now, and the options for players wanting to get involved in the online world of Los Santos have grown immensely. With microtransactions, mods, and hundreds of hours of gameplay – there is a lot of options. However, the one thing that has been lacking has been the ability for players to get involved in the more popular PVP (Player versus Player) or PVE (Player versus Environment) activities.

Many of us are familiar with the idea of sailing in the ocean using “sailing boats” but how many of us are familiar with the idea of sailing races in GTA V? Pursuit Race is a new feature that allows players to compete in these races with boats of their own. Here is everything you need to know to do it. My name is Mark, and this is how I got started in Pursuit Racing.

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Los Santos Tuners, the most recent update to GTA Online, has added new racing kinds, missions, challenges, and more. Pursuit Races are one of the new race kinds, and you might be wondering how to do them.

Pursuit Races are a mix of cop chases and street races, with LSPD cruisers following you around as you race other players. 

How to Gain Access to Pursuit Races


To participate in a Pursuit Race, you must first attain Reputation Level 5. Los Santos Tuners created a new level system called reputation, which is earned by engaging in events and activities at the Los Santos Car Meet.

550 Reputation Points are required to reach Level 5. Simply attending the Los Santos Car Meet will get you 150 Reputation Points per hour, and you can earn more points by competing in races, whether you win or lose. When you reach Level 5, you’ll be notified that Pursuit Races are now available.

How to Get a Pursuit Race Started

To begin a Pursuit Race, open your map and scroll down the right-hand icons until you find the race icon. To highlight all of the race locations on your map, click it. Find a Pursuit Race and make it your waypoint, then go there to start your race.

When you start a race, the lobby will open up to other players, with a maximum of 16 players. To begin, four players are required. The race will start whenever the lobby is full or the countdown has finished.

Pursuit Races are a little different than regular GTA Online races in that checkpoints are incredibly far apart and you can take any path you want to get to them.

The number of Reputation Points you win at a race is determined by the number of competitors and your finish position. If there are a lot of people in the race, finishing towards the top will earn you more points, while finishing near the bottom will earn you fewer. In any case, you’ll get between five and 100 points for each race.

Despite the fact that it was published eight years ago, GTA Online is still regularly updated with new content, and the Los Santos Tuners update is no exception. Give these Pursuit Races a shot, and brace yourself for total anarchy.

Pursuit races are a staple of the GTA Online experience, but they’re hard to master. In this article I’ll show you the easiest way to do them.. Read more about how to start a pursuit race in gta 5 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play crazy races in GTA 5?

Crazy races are a mode in GTA 5 where the player must drive around and collect items.

How do you do online races in GTA?

There is no online racing in GTA.

Can you do rally races in GTA 5?

Yes, you can do rally races in GTA 5.

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