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  • Ortiz, David, a Fox Sports commentator, discussed his friendship with teammate Alex Rodriguez.
  • Their connection, according to Ortiz, precedes their many heated fights in the New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox rivalry.
  • This playoffs, the three-time World Series champion’s sports media value has soared.

In the rivalry between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox during their peak years, Alex Rodriguez and David Ortiz supplied no lack of home runs and crucial hits.

Ortiz, on the other hand, had no lack of crucial hits. That first paragraph may be contested by Yankees fans who are still tormented by Rodriguez’s appearance with the bases loaded.

The two pals are now Fox Sports partners, five years after each played their last game. Ortiz recently revealed how close he and Rodriguez have been for decades, which may surprise fans of both teams.

David Ortiz spoke about his friendship with Alex Rodriguez, a Fox Sports colleague.


Fox Sports teammates Alex Rodriguez and David Ortiz in 2018. Despite their role in the New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox rivalry, Fox Sports colleagues Alex Rodriguez (L) and David Ortiz are the best of friends | Rob Tringali/MLB via Getty Images

Despite how much ESPN promotes the teams’ 19 annual meetings, both the Yankees and the Red Sox would likely agree that the rivalry isn’t what it was 20 years ago. Rather than being a feared foe, each squad is an irritant to the other.

That wasn’t always the case. Ortiz joined the Red Sox in 2003 and quickly saw the importance of the rivalry to both teams and their supporters. When the Yankees acquired Rodriguez in February 2004, he got to see the other side.

Ortiz stated he and Rodriguez stayed close throughout their playing days in a recent interview with the New York Post. Rodriguez wanted to pair up with the left-handed slugger on the Texas Rangers in 2003, according to the 10-time All-Star. 

Despite the fact that their respective teams naturally wanted to beat the other every time they met, Ortiz stated he never took pleasure in Rodriguez having a bad day at the bat.

“I hate seeing people suffer. I don’t care who you play for or what you do; I’m not accustomed to people struggling.”

David Ortiz

Rodriguez knew he could depend on Ortiz to attempt to cheer him up, whether he was in the middle of winning two American League MVP Awards or hearing the boo-birds at Yankee Stadium.

“I remember one time in New York, we were playing this game, and I was in the on-deck circle, and he was at third base, and I could tell on his face that the strain was getting to him, you know?” Ortiz remembered something. “I was like, ‘Dude, take a deep breath!’” You’re not breathing properly; take a deep breath!’ That was me, just being myself.”

Yes, Yankees fans, you may now feel a smidgeon of sorrow for anything you said to Ortiz during a meaningless September game.

On Fox Sports’ current pregame program, Ortiz and Rodriguez have shown good chemistry.

Since its establishment in 1993, Fox NFL Sunday has excelled as a pregame program, but the network has never had the same success or identity in baseball. Fox also cooperated with MLB Network on what was basically a combined pregame program in the early 2010s.

Later in the decade, things began to alter. Rodriguez joined Fox Sports as a full-time commentator in 2017 after contributing to the network’s postseason coverage in 2015 and 2016. Later that year, Ortiz signed a contract with Fox, following in the footsteps of the three-time AL MVP.

Whatever you think of their separate careers, it’s difficult to deny that Rodriguez and Ortiz have chemistry. Whether they’re tossing jabs about their past teams or cracking laughs during an interview, the two have a real camaraderie that has transferred nicely to the studio.

When the two, along with host Kevin Burkhardt and Chicago White Sox icon Frank Thomas, set up shop at Fenway Park for this year’s American League Championship Series, Ortiz defended Rodriguez. During the live broadcast, Red Sox supporters pelted Rodriguez with obscenities and harsh profanity.

At the very least, Rodriguez, who was wearing a Yankees helmet, stood up and accepted the booing.

Despite the approaching possibility of the sport’s first labor stoppage since the 1994-95 lockout ended, Fox’s baseball coverage has a lot to look forward to. The All-Star Game and playoff rights — including the World Series — are held by Fox Sports, including the main network and FS1, through the conclusion of the 2028 season. The 2022 Field of Dreams Game, as well as any other comparable events, will be broadcast on the network.

This is good news for Ortiz, who has been praised on social media for his efforts on the network’s studio coverage this autumn. To the pre- and postgame program, he’s added a pleasant, smart, and hilarious personality. Every network is constantly on the lookout for an analyst who has such qualities.

It will be fascinating to see what Ortiz’s next move is. He obviously thrives in a studio environment, particularly where he can bounce ideas off Rodriguez, so promoting him to game analyst is unlikely. Perhaps FS1 will attempt an alternative broadcast including the two, similar to what ESPN2 does during Monday Night Football games with Eli and Peyton Manning.

For their sake, let’s hope baseball’s version of Marshawn Lynch doesn’t make them apologize for dropping an f-bomb.

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