If you were to ask a member of the Golden State Warriors what his highest priority is, the answer would almost certainly be winning the championship. And if you asked a member of the Memphis Grizzlies, the answer would be getting into the playoffs. In order to make sure both teams are up to the task, NBA head coaches have to be pretty tough on players, and that means keeping them on their toes. Lets face it, the biggest challenge for the Memphis Grizzlies is the fact that they are not going to be able to breeze through the Western Conference playoff bracket. They could win the first two games of the series against the Golden State Warriors, but they simply can’t get by the Warriors without a few big performances from their star players. If

Charlie Strong had a bad first season in Austin, which led to the departure of his offensive coordinator and the hire of a new OC. Now, the Longhorns have a new OC and UT should be looking forward to the future with more confidence. However, it’s not just about the offense for Strong. It’s about the health of the entire program, and Strong must find a way to keep everyone healthy this season.

When a team wins a championship, it’s normal for everyone involved to put their feet up and enjoy the moment. But when the next season starts, all that success will be over. Bruce Arians is ready to instill that reality in his Tampa Bay Buccaneers players.

The head coach was interviewed by Buccaneers.com before the start of NFL training camp and answered a question about his role in the team’s pursuit of becoming Super Bowl champions again. Arians took the opportunity to fire a warning shot at his team, pointing out that they have a long summer ahead of them.

Bruce Arians does not hesitate to be tough on his players

Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians reacts during a 2020 NFL game. | Sarah Steyer/Getty Images

In today’s sport, it’s hard for a coach to be too much of a mentor. With players making millions of dollars and attracting the attention of fans around the world, they hold a lot of power. Arians, on the other hand, still clings to the old school.

According to a 2016 ESPN article, the Buccaneers head coach still holds to the lesson he learned from the legendary Paul Bear Bryant. From his time at Virginia Tech – where he played under a Bryant student – and on at Alabama, Arians learned to coach them hard and later embrace them.

If you’re looking for an example of how he puts that mantra into practice, just look at how head coach Tom Brady treated him in their first year together. Earlier in the season, Arians had no problem scolding the quarterback and even openly blamed TB12 for a couple of interceptions. However, when the team made the playoffs, he praised Brady’s leadership and thanked him for making everyone in the organization believe they could do something special.

Bruce Arians sends a strong message to his Tampa Bay Buccaneers team


Winning the Super Bowl title is no small feat, but that won’t stop Arians from coaching the Buckeyes hard. The success has even prompted the coach to build on his success for the 2021 campaign.

I think I’ll have to be tougher, make sure we stay hunters and not hunted, Arians said in a video on Buccaneers.com. We have already relaxed a lot this spring. There are teams ahead of us at the moment, but I think we can catch up with them quickly.

When the head coach was asked how he would implement this process, he was quick with answers.

Well, it starts in the varsity minicamp. It won’t be easy, he said. And training camps. We know what it takes to go to work every day. And I think our players know the level of the competition every day at training. I don’t think I have much to say about it, except that we’re nowhere near last year’s level. Just to knock them down and make sure this team doesn’t see itself as last year. Because last year’s team won the Super Bowl and this team did nothing.

It’s not easy to be a two-time champion, but the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a lot going for them


Based on the context of Arians’ comments – he referred to a mandatory minicamp as a future event, but the Buckeyes held their own in early June – it’s safe to assume he’s already starting to get tougher on his players. Besides the choice of coach, Tampa Bay has a few other factors working in their favor in their pursuit of another Lombardi Trophy.

First, remember that almost the entire Bucks team is coming back to try to win the title again. While the Kansas City Chiefs have proven that this is no guarantee of success, it is certainly a plus. From a talent standpoint, Tampa has more than enough potential to advance to the NFC South. Looking at the more intangible parameters, players know what they need to do to reach the top of the mountain, and won’t be surprised by difficulties along the way. On this team is a man named Tom Brady, who knows how to get things done at the crucial moment.

The defending Super Bowl champions have another advantage: a weak schedule. According to CBS Sports, the Buccaneers have the fourth easiest schedule in the entire NFL. By comparison, the Chiefs have the 11th toughest schedule to overcome if they want to get back to the big game.

Despite the fact that every championship has its share of luck – a series of injuries can take a season off the table – the Buccaneers enter the 2021 NFL campaign in pretty good shape. At least we know Bruce Arians will have his team alert and ready to take on the metaphorical Raiders.

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