If you want to know how the sports world really feels about Odell Beckham Jr., just look at the Twitter emoji associated with his name. While he is a polarizing figure among fans and media members alike, the overwhelming majority of tweets that are tagged with ‘Odell’ on the social media platform come from disgruntled Giants fans.

One of the defining habits of the late-20th century was the use of “sex sells” to sell products. It was an era of overt sexuality in advertising, but it was also an era when there was a lot of unspoken shame attached to sexuality and sexuality in the workplace. Despite the overt shaming of sexuality in advertising, there was also an implicit shaming of the female body in advertising. In ads, even the sexiest women were depicted in a way that was sexually provocative, but there were usually only two options in terms of how the women were presented: either they were being sexually provocative because they wanted to be, or they were being sexually provocative because someone else wanted them to be.

DeVonta Smith was one of the most talked about college football players before the 2021 NFL Draft. The lowly Alabama receiver has all the potential in the world, but he lacks size. This reputation developed during Smith’s high school years. Fortunately for him and football fans, a visit to the hairdresser helped him become the man he is today.

DeVonte Smith’s visit to the barber shop

At DeVonta High School, Smith was barely old enough to play basketball, let alone football. According to an article in GQ magazine, his small stature and small stature led to an injury that nearly ended his sports career before it had even started. But a visit to the hairdresser changed everything. His former barber, Vincent Saunders, told GQ in an interview how he pushed the young Smith to stay on track and get fit for football. But DeVonta weighed 120 pounds in high school and was just over 6 feet tall. After breaking his collarbone playing football his sophomore year, he made a logical decision. He said: S***, s*** all that, says his barber and mentor Vincent Sanders. Sanders kept saying football was DeVonte’s way. No, I’m going, DeVonta said. He stopped going to football practice – I’ll see you on the floor, he said. But Sanders hasn’t given up. Nah, bro, he’d say. We can do it. I’m gonna make you great. According to Sanders, he worked with Smith on a program that allowed him to use his natural speed while building enough muscle to avoid such accidents. The plan was relatively simple. They tried to add 10 pounds of muscle each year so he would be ready for the next step in college. It worked, and soon Smith was playing for Nick Saban’s legendary program as one of the best wide receivers in the country.

Smith goes to Alabama

. According to Sports Reference, Smith spent most of his first year on the bench. After scoring just eight receptions in one year, he took the time to further increase his weight to 170 pounds and improved his skills each year. After his best, albeit unimpressive, second season at the school, in which he ran for nearly 700 yards and six touchdowns, he’s finally having a breakthrough year in 2019. This year, under Tua Tagovailoa and Mack Jones, Smith has become an integral part of the team’s offense. He scored over 12,000 yards and 14 touchdowns. But when Tagovailoa went to the NFL, Jones helped Smith up, just in time for the NFL Draft. He had a record of 1,856 yards and 23 touchdowns. It was clear that Smith was ready for the NFL, but given the uncertainties surrounding his size, many wondered if teams would think twice about favoring a talented but undersized prospect like him.

DeVonta Smith joins Philadelphia Eagles in NFL

word-image-11543 word-image-11544 Philadelphia Eagles’ DeVonta Smith in the 2021 NFL Draft | Gregory Shamus/Getty Images The Philadelphia Eagles selected Smith with the 10th pick. 2021 NFL Draft pick. He is one of the members of the Crimson Tide team that were inducted into the league this year, along with Jones and Najee Harris. In an interview with GQ, Harris says the talk about his height is exaggerated and overrated. At one point, players with perfect length came into the NFL and failed. Dominance is the key, and Harris told GQ that Smith’s heart compensates for the obstacles his size in the NFL can cause. He goes after everyone, everyone in high places, and sues them. The best defenders. He’s one of the toughest players I’ve ever played with, the runner said. Smith should get the chance now to show why he belongs in the NFL, despite what the naysayers say. Regardless, Smith’s journey to this point shows that athletes are not defined by their size. While this is certainly helpful, a good work ethic is an important factor in getting these athletes where they need to be. COMPARED TO: Mac Jones has style, according to teammate.

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