This two-time NBA MVP would have been one of the greatest players in history had he not made an ill-advised decision to leave Houston for a team that is struggling to find its identity.

The “rockets houston” is a blog post about the Rockets’ current situation. The author points out that Harden has been tanking his way out of Brooklyn the same way he shamelessly abandoned the Houston Rockets.

It's Abundantly Clear Harden Is Tanking His Way Out of Brooklyn the Same Way He Shamelessly Abandoned the Houston Rockets

Over the past 12 hours, trade speculations between James Harden of the Brooklyn Nets and Ben Simmons of the Philadelphia 76ers have exploded.

The two superstars swap has progressed from a fun notion to a probable rumor to a full-fledged, buckle-your-seatbelts, buckle-your-seatbelts, buckle-your-seatbelts, buckle-your-seatbelts, buckle-your-seatbelts, buckle-your-seatbelts, buckle-your-seatbelts, buckle-your-seatbelts

However, for the past month, The Beard has been building the groundwork for this agreement. It’s becoming evident that he’d rather play in Philly with former teammate Daryl Morey than with the Nets.

This is a movie we’ve watched before. Harden tried all he could to get away from the Houston Rockets, and now we’re seeing the follow-up as he tries to tank his way out of Brooklyn.

A deal involving James Harden from the Nets to the Sixers is fast gaining traction.

It's becoming clear James Harden is forcing the Brooklyn Nets to trade him the same way he did the Houston Rockets.

It's becoming clear James Harden is forcing the Brooklyn Nets to trade him the same way he did the Houston Rockets. During a timeout in the first half of a game against the Memphis Grizzlies, James Harden of the Brooklyn Nets moves toward the bench. | Elsa/Getty Images

Before Harden arrived in Brooklyn, Morey wanted him to join him in Philadelphia. He baited Houston with Simmons, but he didn’t get any bites. In retrospect, it was the start of the whole Ben Simmons saga.

Morey has made it clear in recent weeks that he still wants his former star and is ready to wait until the summer to strike a deal. However, Shams Charania of The Athletic revealed late on Feb. 4 that the long-anticipated Harden-Simmons deal might happen much sooner than the Feb. 10 trade deadline.

The Nets’ willingness to negotiate the deal now rather than later seems to be the catalyst for the abrupt change of course.

The Nets have “no hurry” to make a trade, according to Shams, but with the Sixers still holding assets like Tyrese Maxey, Seth Curry, and Matisse Thybulle, the Nets might be tempted to do so if the appropriate offer comes along.

There’s also a good chance there’s another reason — or many reasons — why Brooklyn has pulled at least a 120, if not a 180.

Harden is going out of his way to be traded by the Brooklyn Nets.

Since I’ve written this… 1. The Nets are on a six-game losing run. 2. Harden’s hammy aches 3. Harden’s hand hurts 4. Harden seemed more disoriented in the 4-point, 2-11 loss than he had in the previous four Houston games. 5. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this routine.


— Bill Simmons (@BillSimmons) February 4, 2022

By the time it was all said and done, and Harden had departed Houston for Brooklyn, it was evident that the three-time scoring champion had done all he could to compel the Rockets to cave in. (In reality, it had been obvious for a long time.)

After it was stated that a Philly-Brooklyn trade may suddenly be a viable option, a Yahoo!Sports piece was published on February 4th. ESPN published a piece on March 3, 2021, chronicling the months leading up to Harden’s departure from Houston.

For the 32-year-old, the parallels are devastating.

  • Brooklyn loses to the Sacramento Kings on February 2, 2022. Harden ends with a minus-21 rating after scoring four points and committing six turnovers. “We’re just trying to find out what works best, what folks fit, what guys don’t,” he said after the game, according to ESPN. Hopefully, after the break, we’ll be able to assemble our whole roster and begin making progress in the right way.”
  • Summer 2020: Harden on his Houston Rockets’ future prospects after being swept out of the playoffs: “I feel like we’re a piece away.” To get to where we want to go, we simply have to keep trying to figure it out, evolve, and put the appropriate components around myself and Russ.”

Bleacher Report released a piece about The Beard’s “increasing interest in testing the open market this summer” on January 25, 2022. Harden has expressed his dissatisfaction with Kyrie Irving’s part-time position and how Kevin Durant’s injury has caused him to take more of the weight on his own shoulders, according to the article.

It also said that the former Oklahoma City Thunder player does not agree with Brooklyn head coach Steve Nash’s current rotations. The post went on to say that Harden hasn’t loved living in Brooklyn, according to insiders.

In response to the ESPN report on the Houston disaster, Harden went MIA when Morey departed, claiming worries about being able to “keep James happy,” and Russell Westbrook was moved to Washington for John Wall.

He travelled to Vegas after missing the start of training camp to attend Lil Baby’s birthday celebration (which he documented on Instagram). He ended up skipping the whole training camp, then showing up overweight and making a mockery of the first few weeks of the season before being moved to Brooklyn, all while spreading stories about his dissatisfaction.

With the Rockets, he played the first eight games in 2020-21 while obviously out of shape and with little effort. Harden blamed his buddy for not being available for a sloppy pass that went directly into the scorer’s table.

Let’s go back to the present. The Nets have dropped their last seven games. Harden missed two of those games due to a right-hand strain (he’s a lefty) and the team’s most recent defeat to Utah due to a hamstring injury.

Harden has been a minus-14, minus-12, minus-11, and had his minus-21 Kings game when he has actually played over that time. He averages 5.5 turnovers per game while scoring 18 points on 34.3 percent shooting and 25.0 percent shooting from three.

When you put everything together, it’s easy to notice the parallels between Harden’s last weeks in Houston and the conclusion of his tenure there.

It’s time to disembark before the train collides.

Sources: The Philadelphia 76ers are likely to pursue James Harden of the Brooklyn Nets ahead of the NBA trade deadline on Thursday — and the Nets are apparently willing to talk about a deal.

Details on @TheAthletic:

— Shams Charania (@ShamsCharania) February 4, 2022

The Rockets’ situation deteriorated before improving. Even yet, their franchise hero got what he wanted in the end.

Do the Nets want to stay in the theater and see it all unfold? Do they think Harden Tank 2 will have a different ending? Because it isn’t going to happen. James is plainly rehashing all of the stale clichés that made the first Harden Tank so popular.

The Nets spent a lot of money on the full experience — big popcorn, large Coke, hot dog, soft pretzel bits, and the Dots — but their movie isn’t going to conclude any differently from Houston’s. The Brooklyn Nets must execute the move right now and exit the theater as soon as possible.

Basketball Reference provided all statistics.

NBA Trade Rumors: The Philadelphia 76ers Are Going All-In For A Championship With Aggressive James Harden Pursuit

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