After the Ravens’ embarrassing loss to the Chargers, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh made an ominous forecast for Lamar Jackson’s return in 2019. The team will be without their starting quarterback until at least Week 17, which means they’ll likely have to rely on Joe Flacco once again if they want a chance to make it back into playoff contention.

The “lamar jackson playoff record” is a topic that has been discussed among Ravens fans. John Harbaugh just provided an unsettling update on Lamar Jackson and the Ravens’ overall playoff chances.

John Harbaugh Just Provided an Unsettling Update on Lamar Jackson and the Ravens' Overall Playoff Chances

During the Baltimore Ravens’ Week 15 defeat to the Green Bay Packers, backup quarterback Tyler Huntley put up a brave effort. He had four touchdowns in all and was a two-point talk away from leading Baltimore to a huge upset victory against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

While Huntley’s outstanding performance is one of the more heartwarming tales from this year’s regular season, the Ravens need their previous MVP-winning quarterback, Lamar Jackson, back in the lineup for the closing stretch. It’s impossible to fathom the Ravens, who are now the AFC’s No. 8 seed, battling their way back into the wild card picture without Jackson.

HC of the Ravens Lamar Jackson received a concerning update from John Harbaugh.

When questioned about Lamar Jackson’s (ankle) status, John Harbaugh said: “I don’t have any new information on that. All those folks will have to wait and see. Every single man you’ll question me about will be on a day-to-day basis. We’ll simply keep an eye on them as we go.”

December 22, 2021 — Jamison Hensley (@jamisonhensley)

Jackson has been out for the last week and a half due to an ankle strain he sustained during the Ravens’ Week 14 defeat to the Cleveland Browns. The original expectation was that Jackson’s injury was nothing more than a low-ankle sprain, and that he’d be able to return to the lineup immediately. Head coach Jim Harbaugh’s report, on the other hand, portrays a very different image.

Harbaugh stated, “I don’t have any updates on that [Jackson’s health].” “All those folks will have to wait and see.” Every single man you’ll question me about will be on a day-to-day basis. We’ll simply keep an eye on them as we go.”

With a crucial Week 16 matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals on the horizon, it’s difficult not to see this news as troubling. It’s unusual for coaches to be concerned about a player’s health on Wednesday and then have them play on Sunday. Jackson isn’t expected to be available this weekend, according to logic.

Lamar Jackson has yet to practice.

With his ankle injury, #Ravens QB Lamar Jackson did not practice today.

December 22, 2021 — Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet)

Following Harbaugh’s worrisome news, it was also discovered that Jackson had been kept out of the Ravens’ practice on Wednesday. It’s not unusual for athletes to miss Wednesday workouts due to injuries and then play the next Sunday.

Jackson still has time to get well and return to practice. However, it’s worth considering if the Ravens planned to start Huntley regardless of the situation. Jackson had struggled in his previous outings, whilst Huntley had a strong showing against a tough opponent.

This in no way implies that Huntley is superior than Jackson. A 100 percent Huntley, on the other hand, will almost certainly offer the Ravens a greater chance of victory than a less-than-100 percent Jackson.

The Ravens are in urgent need of a victory this weekend.

Ravens QB Lamar Jackson .

Ravens QB Lamar Jackson . Jason Miller/Getty Images/Lamar Jackson

Aside from Jackson’s present injury difficulties, the Ravens sorely need to win this weekend. They’ve dropped three in a row and are running out of time to catch up.

To begin with, the AFC North is the most competitive division in the NFL right now. Every club in the division has seven to nine victories, therefore the final rankings might be decided by tiebreakers. In addition, the competition for the AFC’s three wild card positions is heating up. The Indianapolis Colts and Los Angeles Chargers seem to be certainties for the No. 5 and No. 6 seeds, respectively, with the last position up for grabs.

Along with Baltimore, the Buffalo Bills, Las Vegas Raiders, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Miami Dolphins are also contenders.

Whether Huntley or Jackson is in the starting lineup against Cincinnati, they must find a way to win.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

After James Robinson’s 18-carry performance, Trevor Lawrence took a parting shot at Urban Meyer, saying, “I thought it was great.”

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