The Packers drafted running back and special teams ace Josh Jones with a seventh round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. He’ll be given a chance to compete for playing time in training camp. The Packers have a history of taking chances on players with late round draft picks. Russell Wilson, Jamari Lattimore, and Mike Neal all came in the later rounds and became key players on the Packers. Just because Jones is a seventh round pick, doesn’t mean he won’t be a success.

Jordan Love has a lot of work to do this season to prove he’s the future in Green Bay. The Packers have a new offensive coordinator, but the team’s talented roster remains intact, save for the departure of Jordy Nelson. And while the Packers have a strong set of skill players, they need to make a few other changes to step up as a contender in 2018.

It was a tale of two halves for Green Bay Packers rookie linebacker Jordan Love. The first half led to him being inactive for the team’s Week 1 game. The second half lead to him being active for their Week 2 game. The second half of the rookie season for Love raised a lot of eyebrows, with the second-round pick starting his first NFL game against the San Francisco 49ers.. Read more about jordan love packers and let us know what you think.

Jordan Love has been put on the clock.

Aaron Rodgers will not participate in the NFL preseason this year, according to Green Bay Packers Head Coach Matt LaFleur. He wasn’t supposed to do it as a three-time MVP. However, the offensive is now in Love’s hands.

In the Packers’ preseason games, the second-year pro will get the majority of first-team reps, but there’s more at stake than simply his growth. With Rodgers’ future in Green Bay unclear, a good preseason would go a long way toward assuaging any fears the club may have about its future if Rodgers leaves.

When Aaron Rodgers retires, Jordan Love must show that he is Green Bay’s future quarterback.

Jordan Love is ready to throw a pass at Green Bay Packers training camp.

Jordan Love is ready to throw a pass at Green Bay Packers training camp. Green Bay Packers’ Jordan Love works out during training camp. | Stacy Revere/Getty Images

At some time, Rodgers is going to leave the Packers. This offseason’s breadcrumbs point to that occurring sooner rather than later. Regardless, Love must prove to Green Bay that he is the franchise quarterback.

The 6’4″, 219-pound quarterback has yet to appear in an NFL game. He was forced to cut his offseason short due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic that afflicted last year’s rookie class. He didn’t have access to a complete training camp and was unable to participate in any preseason games. Rodgers was not present during OTAs this year, so Love received all of the first-team repetitions. Now he’ll be able to practice with the starters in real-time against rival defenses.

Whether it’s fair or not, this is the greatest opportunity the Utah State product has to prove he’s ready.

Jordan Love’s offseason so far has been a mixed bag of outcomes.

During training camp, the talented quarterback displayed the physical qualities that earned him a first-round selection choice. Love’s powerful arm and agility have been on display at times. According to, he’s also shown to the coaching staff that he’s improved mentally:

“We set up our attack and threw everything at him,” he said. He’s a man who, once again, lacks the experience of others. We need to give him numerous looks at a variety of plays in order to figure out what he excels at.

We’re just trying to figure out how much he can take, and I think he’s done a fantastic job of being deliberate about his work and how he practices every day, and I believe it’s paying off for him. I believe he’s made some strides.”

Matt LaFleur, head coach of the Green Bay Packers, on Jordan Love’s offseason

Love, on the other hand, has been erratic and has been imprecise on several throws. That’s not surprising for a rookie quarterback in his first offseason program, but it relates to the concerns that surrounding Love heading into the 2020 draft and is at the very least worrisome.

Jordan Love’s preseason performance will be critical in convincing Green Bay that he is the team’s future franchise quarterback.

His performance in three preseason games will not reveal if he is the franchise’s long-term solution at the position. He also has at least one more season to learn from Rodgers and develop physically and intellectually while also becoming more consistent. Green Bay’s decision-makers will not be swayed by three games against mediocre defenses.

Love’s trajectory will be steered in one way or the other depending on how well or poorly he performs in the preseason. He has to start demonstrating that he can be the future for both himself and the club, and he only has three games to do it.

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