Pro days are often used by NFL teams to give draft prospects one last crack at impressing coaches and scouts. It is not uncommon for prospects to work out on their own, or with only the assistance of strength and conditioning coaches. While many of these workouts are simply a way to give prospects a final workout before the draft, some are legitimate, and some are not. *Disclaimer: This article was not written by a professional writer, and is not meant to be taken as professional advice. It was written for entertainment purposes only.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Chicago Bears announced they’d signed former Georgia quarterback Justin Fields to a contract. If you’re like us, this probably didn’t change your opinion on Fields as a draft prospect. In fact, if you watched the SEC Championship game last week, you saw a lot of what we had seen from the Tigers’ signal-caller previously.

No one knows if Justin Fields can live up to his reputation as an NFL quarterback. But based on his combination of physical and mental ability, the former Ohio State star seems like a strong candidate to fill a much-needed void for the Chicago Bears. It may be a while before Fields replaces Andy Dalton as the starter, but it didn’t take long for the Bears to realize the harsh reality of having another veteran quarterback on their roster: Nick Fowles. And with Fields being the future of the position, the question is how long the former Super Bowl MVP will settle in Chicago.

Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace hope to finally overpower Justin Fields

. Since Ryan Pace was hired as general manager in 2015, the Bears have won just of . If you look at who was in downtown Chicago at the time, it’s easy to see why. After abandoning a failed experiment with Jay Cutler and signing Mike Glennon to a ridiculous three-year, $45 million contract, Pace shockingly went up in the 2017 NFL Draft and selected Mitchell Trubisky. Needless to say, he made a big mistake picking a one-year starter over two ultra-talented prospects in Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson. After Glennon played four games as a key player, Trubisky took over for the rest of his rookie season. Unfortunately, the Bears’ offense did not improve with a new quarterback at the helm, and Trubisky never became a dynamic, consistent playmaker. His problems became so apparent last season that head coach Matt Nagy removed him from his position and replaced him with an even less compelling team: Fowles. Of course, the only reason Nagy has a chance to be the Super Bowl 52 MVP on the team is because Pace selected him in the first place. About a month before the 2020 NFL Draft, the Bears traded a compensatory fourth-round pick to the Jacksonville Jaguars for a quarterback who signed a four-year, $88 million contract last season with $50.1 million guaranteed. But as Bears fans found out, Foles couldn’t do enough to keep Chicago in the game. Pace and Nagy have now paired another with a young quarterback. As much as Bears fans want to believe in the 33-year-old Dalton, everyone knows that the future of the franchise rests on Fields’ shoulders.

Rookie prospect has already forced the Bears to admit the brutal truth about Nick Foles

word-image-10635 word-image-10636 Chicago Bears quarterback Nick Foles in conversation with head coach Matt Nagy. | Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images While Fields has far more potential than his veteran mentor, he has no chance to replace Dalton anytime soon. But while Nagy refuses to change his mind about who Chicago’s quarterback is, it didn’t take long for the team’s top pick to force the Bears to admit they can’t play with Foles. After Wednesday’s mandatory training session, Nagy confirmed that Fields will be the man to watch if Dalton is injured. And he made it clear that Foles would remain third on the depth chart behind the rookie and longtime Cincinnati Bengals player. There will be a process and a plan, Nagy told reporters. We’re sticking to it. This plan won’t change tomorrow. The plan will not change in training camp. A plan is a plan – and it’s well thought out. Even the fourth-year head coach did not take the seriousness of the situation lightly. Nagy said he had personally explained the plan to all three quarterbacks. All three know you have to perform, you have to play well, you have to be competitive, you have to be the best quarterback you can be, he said. And then it’s very easy for us to see who it is and how it’s going.

What does the future hold for Fields, Fowles and Andy Dalton?

. With Foles at the bottom of the three-man depth chart, it’s clear that his time in Chicago will come to an end sooner or later. Considering the Bears are making $14.3 million in dead money by letting him go through 2022, he seems like a pretty safe bet to make the final roster. However, the team could come out of the final year of Foles’ contract next season with about $7.7 million in dead money, which seems much more acceptable. At age 32, it can be difficult for a former student to find a job. With the exception of a brief period in his stellar career with the Philadelphia Eagles, Foles just hasn’t been an effective quarterback in the NFL. The fact that the Bears had already passed Fields before him shows that they had all but given up trying to make the experiment work. At this point, it’s time to admit that Foles’ magical playoff run from four years ago was not an accurate reflection of his abilities. The Bears need to do what they can to help Fields succeed. If that means Dalton should start four or five games to give the rookie more time to master the game plan, then Chicago should do exactly that. If Fields needs a whole year to adjust, Nagy needs to be patient. But with his job potentially at stake, he may resort to desperate measures in desperate times. All contract details are provided by Spotrac. COMPARED TO: Latest news on Patrick Mahomes’ injury should ease concerns Chiefs fans

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