In the past, to get silver ore one had to time their travel with the seasons. Nowadays this is a thing of the past and only able to be achieved by following in-game quests that are given out when traveling between different planets. Keplerth takes on this idea more literally – challenging players to mine for precious metals while they explore space!

Keplerth is a game that requires players to mine silver ore. This wiki page will tell you how to get the silver ore.

At some point in your Keplerth growth, you’ll need silver ore to turn into silver bars, and getting it may be a big pain. You may physically mine it or employ one of two shortcuts to get some silver ore into your stockpile in a hurry.

In Keplerth, how do you get silver ore?

Mining is the most apparent way to get silver ore, but you can’t simply do it on any level of the underworld. Silver ore can only be discovered on levels five and above, yet it’s still tough to come by.

This is where you may start to be creative in Keplerth when it comes to material collection.

The first thing to notice is that a mining merchant NPC may construct a Silver Ore Detector for you. If you have the ingredients, you can make detectors for each form of ore, as well as one that detects all sorts of ore.

keplerth-silver-ore-detector-2b9fcIt’s also a good idea to make the Miner Simple Lift.

You’ll need 10 silver bars and five microchips to create a Silver Ore Detector. If you can’t discover any ore to begin with, how do you obtain the ten bars? By purchasing the ore in its whole.


These same miner vendor NPCs may sell silver ore in stacks of ten on their shelves, and subsequently gold ore. You may buy a stack, take it home, smelt it in a furnace, and then return to construct a detector.

However, this isn’t everything. If you’re particularly short on silver ore, it’s time to open up your checkbook and acquire silver weaponry from blacksmiths. Then return to your base and smelt them down into silver bars in a furnace.

You can perform this with any ore tier, and it’s an excellent technique to earn gold in the early stages of the gold bar tier of technology.

Hopefully, this will assist you and anybody you’re playing with in continuing on with your Keplerth adventures. Other Keplerth guidelines, such as how to manufacture reproductions, may be found here.

Keplerth is a game that has been around for a while. It is a game where you have to get silver ore and defeat the enemy. The “keplerth igg” is how to get silver ore in this game.

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