Kevin Durant, the NBA superstar for the Golden State Warriors, is known to take shots at opponents on Twitter. He has notched up two championships in his career and become one of the best players ever. However, he recently got called out by Charles Barkley who said that KD was “immature.” The tweet led people around the world to voice their opinion on social media about whether or not it’s acceptable for athletes to attack each other online like this.

The “Kevin Durant Channels His Inner Charles Barkley After Getting Called Out for Foolish, Immature Tweet” is a story about Kevin Durant’s tweet that he got called out for. Read more in detail here: charles barkley kevin durant.

Kevin Durant Channels His Inner Charles Barkley After Getting Called Out for Foolish, Immature Tweet

Kevin Durant has previously been chastised for his social media remarks. When it comes to taking hate on Twitter, the Brooklyn Nets star has a thin skin. When a picture of his new shoes was shared online this week, the conversation swiftly shifted to his “ashy” legs. Durant became enraged when multiple postings and memes mocking his legs surfaced, yelling “f*** you” at the keyboard warriors before unleashing his inner Charles Barkley.


Kevin-Durant-3-1024x693 On November 16, 2021, in the Brooklyn borough of New York City, Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets looks on during the first half versus the Golden State Warriors at Barclays Center. | Getty Images/Sarah Stier

While Durant has established himself as one of the finest players in the NBA, his off-court antics have also gotten a lot of attention. The exchange of pleasantries between Durant and Michael Rapaport was maybe his most famous internet meeting. Durant’s crazy, expletive-filled diatribe was published by the actor/comedian on Twitter in March.

When Durant chastised Rapoport following a postgame interview in December 2020, it seemed like he was displeased with him. Rapoport referred to Durant as “very sensitive” about everything, which sparked the heated altercation.

Rapaport publicly chastised Durant in March, publishing screenshots of the conversation. “I get threats and vile comments on a daily basis,” he tweeted, “but never in my wildest thoughts did I expect @KDTrey5 would be one of them.” The (snake) is now threatening me, bringing up my wife, and indicating that he wants to fight. “Isn’t this supposed to be America’s sweetheart?” you may wonder.

Durant’s thin skin was exposed in 2017 when he was caught using a burner account. He ripped out his former coach Billy Donovan and his previous club, the Oklahoma City Thunder, on that account. He acknowledged to using the account, and he stated in 2020 that he continues to use a phony account.

According to The Guardian, he added, “I don’t regret clapping back at anybody or chatting to my supporters on Twitter.” “I apologise for using my old coach’s name and the name of the company for which I previously played. That was a childish behavior. All of those kinds of words were ridiculous. I’m sorry about it.”

Kevin Durant retaliates to fans who mocked his ‘ashy’ legs.

An harmless Twitter tweet quickly devolved into a Durant smear campaign. The Nets’ leading scorer has had enough. Prior to Monday’s Nets vs. Cavaliers game, SLAM Kicks sent out a tweet that seemed to spotlight Durant’s Nike Zoom Air shoes.

Between Durant’s socks and compression leggings, a little amount of Durant’s flesh was visible, which became the subject of conversation. Many others commented on how “ashy” or dry Durant’s legs looked, including former NBA All-Star Isaiah Thomas.

The memes and comments poured in. Durant’s health was questioned by several comments. Some sent him in the direction of a lotion store. The insults were so out of hand that Durant responded with a tweet that demonstrated his immaturity and inability to manage conflict.

He went with the I-make-more-money-than-you approach, complete with an expletive thrown in for good measure.

“In a second, I’m going to pull my ‘y’all broke’ card.” He wrote, “F*** y’all.”

Durant took the Charles Barkley method after the humiliating answer.

“That is a nice message!” said one Twitter user in response to Durant’s remark. Remember to read this to the students that look up to you!”

Durant responded to this as well. The retort this time, though, was not profane. It was comparable to a famous statement by Charles Barkley.

Durant tweeted, “I’m not a role model.”

That statement was memorably uttered by Barkley in a tumultuous Nike ad in 1993.

In the commercial, Barkley says, “I am not a role model.” “I’m not compensated for being a role model.” On the basketball court, I’m paid to cause mayhem. Parents should serve as role models for their children. It doesn’t mean I should parent your kids just because I can dunk a basketball.”

Kids look up to Barkley and Durant, even if they don’t want to be role models.

Despite the fact that Barkley and Durant had similar replies, they are quite different. Sir Charles can withstand the pressure. Durant definitely isn’t capable.

In 1983, Charles Barkley had the Yugoslavs scratching their heads: RELATED: Charles Barkley Had the Yugoslavs Scratching Their Heads: ‘Just because he’s fat doesn’t mean he can’t play basketball,’ says one basketball player.

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