Kevin Na, the 12-time major winner and pro golfer who battled back from a life-threatening brain aneurysm to win his first PGA Tour event in five years. The takeaway is that Kevin overcame difficulties by putting himself out there, and he’s now using this experience to help other golfers with physical challenges of their own.

Tiger Woods is one of the most recognizable golfers in the world. He has won 14 major championships and over $100 million in prize money, but he is also known for his personal problems that have kept him from playing competitively since 2015. One question that many people might be curious about is where Tiger Woods is now, but few are brave enough to ask it. Read more in detail here: where is tiger woods now.

Kevin Na Raises the Tiger Woods Question That Others Don’t Have the Courage to Ask

It’s not that the Emperor is dressed in rags. Rather, it’s a matter of Tiger Woods not wearing his signature red golf shirt even once last year on a Sunday. In fact, Woods has never even teed it up on the PGA Tour.

The Tour, on the other hand, is still giving Woods $8 million.

While others stayed silent, fellow golfer Kevin Na posed the question: What did Woods accomplish last year to earn the Player Impact Program’s top prize? It makes no difference whether Woods satisfied the qualifications or not. The prerequisites are questionable.

The Player Impact Program of the PGA Tour is distributing $40 million.


Tiger-Woods-1-1024x575 On Feb. 20, 2022, in Pacific Palisades, California, tournament host Tiger Woods talks at the trophy ceremony for The Genesis Invitational at Riviera Country Club. | Getty Images/Rob Carr

Let’s be clear about something: The PGA Tour’s Player Impact Program is one of the tools it’s employing to discourage its top players from defecting to the Super Golf League, which Greg Norman has been promoting on behalf of Saudi investors.

Norman is said to have offered large signing bonuses and promised larger rewards for shorter schedules to all of the sport’s best players, but his recruitment pitch has mostly gone unanswered. One of the major difficulties is that the PGA Tour has warned its players that if they join the SGL, they would lose their playing credentials indefinitely.

The PGA Tour, on the other hand, has been busy papering the home. The amount of money paid out in tournaments is increasing practically everywhere. Last year, the Tour introduced the Player Impact Program, which threw $40 million into the pot to be distributed to ten players. This season, the total rises to $50 million.

Tiger Woods is the No. 1 prize winner, taking home $8 million (we can’t say “earned”). Second on the list is Phil Mickelson, who earned $6 million.

Kevin Na has been chastised by fans for stating the truth about Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods wins the $8Mil PIP! I’m all for paying @TigerWoods because he made us all richer but he didn’t hit 1 shot in 2021. @PGATOUR how is this possible 🤷🏻‍♂️ 😃 also I thought @PhilMickelson won. Did this result have any affect in the last 2 weeks? haha 🤔

— Kevin Na (@kevinna915) March 2, 2022

The PGA Tour announced the ten players who would receive money from the Player Impact Program more than four months after Sports Illustrated accurately predicted Tiger Woods as the winner of the first-place prize.

The PGA does not reveal the details of its “impact” algorithm, although major factors in calculating a player’s score include:

  • Google searches popularity
  • The weekend tournament TV coverage generated a Nielsen Brand Exposure rating.
  • Name recognition and favorability ratings are measured using Q-Rating.
  • The MVP Index measures social media and digital channel engagement.
  • Meltwater brings up the topic of social media surveillance.

Victories, global rankings, and overall performance on the course are all missing. Although the players were likely aware of the requirements, the PGA Tour should not be immune to criticism.

Here’s what Kevin Na had to say about it on Twitter:

“Tiger Woods takes home the $8 million PIP!” I’m okay about @TigerWoods being paid since he made us all wealthy, but he didn’t hit a single shot in 2021. How is this even possible, @PGATOUR? I thought @PhilMickelson had won. Has this outcome had any impact in the previous two weeks? Haha.”

Na, a five-time PGA Tour champion, is being mocked on Twitter for questioning how Woods can be considered influential while not having competed in a PGA Tour event since The Masters Tournament in November 2020. And it’s been 11 months since he finished in the top five in the Hero World Challenge (an unauthorized tournament).

For all we know, Woods may never return to the PGA Tour, since he is much too proud to just show up for the sake of collecting 30th-place cheques.

Tiger Woods does not deserve the $8 million prize money from the PGA Tour.

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Tiger Woods’ ardent supporters are hurling everything they can think of at Kevin Na for criticizing the PGA Tour for paying out $8 million. The following are some of their main talking points:

  • Because of the excitement that Woods has generated over his illustrious career, every PGA Tour member is earning much more money.
  • Woods did play last year, contrary to Na’s statement.
  • Tiger Woods is the king of social media.

The first issue is so self-evident that Na admitted it in a tweet.

In terms of the second argument, Woods did play in 2021, but there is a big asterisk. Late last year, Woods and his son Charlie competed in the PNC Championship, a father-son event in Florida.

While the tournament received massive TV ratings, it is only distantly related to the PGA Tour, which is responsible for the $40 million. It’s difficult to claim that Woods’ presence on the Tour benefited the Tour or its players in the long run. Then again, the question is immaterial since the PIP makes no requirement for a golfer to be active throughout the season.

Finally, Woods’ name is well-known on social media in a way that no other golfer can hope to equal. But what were the top stories on Twitter and Facebook about him last year? A month of coverage on his SUV collision, six months of occasional updates on his recuperation, and four months of conjecture about his comeback.

Again, the PGA Tour and Woods’ teammates benefited nothing from such publicity.

So, let’s call the Player Impact Program what it is: a slush fund to keep golf’s top stars away from Greg Norman and the Super Golf League.

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