Kyler Murray is the most exciting prospect in football and he just forced the Arizona Cardinals to make a $28 million decision. After leaving his Instagram up for hours, they decided to sign him despite not being able to reach an agreement on contract terms. It’s unclear whether this will be a positive or negative turning point for both parties but it at least proves that Kyler has some power as well as social media influence.

Kyler Murray, the quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals, just pressured the team to make a $28 million decision by scrubbing his Instagram. The move is part of an ongoing feud between players and management. Read more in detail here: how much did kyler murray sign for.

Kyler Murray Just Pressured the Arizona Cardinals to Make a $28 Million Decision By Scrubbing His Instagram

The time has come for the Arizona Cardinals to make a critical decision on Pro Bowl quarterback Kyler Murray’s contract. With his recent move on social media, the third-year quarterback seems to have given the organization notice that he wants a decision on his fifth-year option or potential contract. 

Kyler Murray deleted any references of the Arizona Cardinals from his Instagram account.

Kyler Murray follows 459 profiles on Instagram and has 1.3 million followers. That number used to be at least 460, but the quarterback no longer supports the Arizona Cardinals, his current NFL club. 

Murray’s unfollow was part of a larger social media purge that included removing any mentions of the Cardinals from his Instagram account. “Green Light,” his bio now simply states, followed by what seem to be Chinese characters. 

The quarterback also wrote two comments on his Facebook page. One is a photo of Murray as an Oklahoma Sooners quarterback from when he won the Heisman Trophy on Dec. 9, 2018. The other is a photo of him at the Pro Bowl this past Sunday. 

This latest tweet might be a subliminal warning that if the Cardinals want to retain Murray long-term, they’ll have to pay him even more money. 

The Cardinals must decide on a $28 million deal with the Pro Bowl quarterback.

Kyler Murray of the Arizona Cardinals walks off the field before the 2022 NFL Pro Bowl at Allegiant Stadium on February 06, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Kyler Murray of the Arizona Cardinals walks off the field before the 2022 NFL Pro Bowl at Allegiant Stadium on February 06, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kyler Murray | Christian Petersen/Getty Images/Kyler Murray .

In 2022, Kyler Murray will enter the fourth and final guaranteed year of his rookie contract. Next season, he will be paid $11.3 million under the deal. 

The Arizona Cardinals have a few alternatives if they want to retain Murray through 2022.

The first is to take advantage of the fifth-year option included in all first-round rookie contracts. This option has just become more costly as a result of the quarterback’s second Pro Bowl appearance. According to Spotrac’s Nick Korte (h/t Sports Illustrated), that honor upped his option by about $3 million, bringing his 2023 salary to around $28 million. 

The second option is to extend Murray’s contract indefinitely. This might offer the Cardinals greater influence over the contract’s salary cap implications. Those figures, though, would almost certainly be significantly greater than the fifth-year option. Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, and Dak Prescott, the last three Pro Bowl quarterbacks to sign long-term contracts, received an annual average value of $40-$45 million each season. 

According to, the opportunity for accepting the fifth-year option of 2019 draftees opens in early January 2022. Teams now have until May 2, 2022, to determine whether they want the additional year or not. 

Murray’s option is expected to be picked up by the Cardinals, but the new social media action adds to the intrigue. Is Murray looking for a long-term contract instead? Is he irritated that the franchise took so long to extend the offer? 

What makes this Murray vs. Cardinals situation even more intriguing is that, according to the wording of his contract, the quarterback no longer possesses his most powerful bargaining tool – Major League Baseball. 

Because of his contract wording, Murray does not have the same leverage as a baseball player.

Kyler Murray’s presence in the NFL at this time is fairly surprising.

Murray is also a talented baseball player, having been selected ninth overall in the 2018 MLB Draft by the Oakland Athletics. According to, Murray is the only player who was drafted in the first round of both drafts. Others who have played both sports professionally include Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders, and Brian Jordan. 

Murray used the leverage of playing two sports in the past. Prior to the 2019 NFL Draft, he reportedly demanded $15 million from the A’s to focus on baseball full time, per Mike Leslie of WFAA in Dallas on Twitter

Sadly for Murray, threatening the Arizona Cardinals with a return to baseball isn’t in his best financial interests. Murray’s NFL contract has wording that states that if he “participates in any baseball-related activity,” his contract would be voided.

Murray would have to give up $100 million or more in guaranteed compensation, regardless of whether he continues with the Cardinals or not, to start over in a sport that now has a labor agreement.  

Since baseball is no longer an option, it seems that the QB’s Plan B is Instagram, which he activated this week. 

Cardinals, it’s your turn. 

Spotrac provided all contract statistics.

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Kyler Murray, the Heisman Trophy winner who was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals, has pressured the team to make a $28 million decision by scrubbing his Instagram. Reference: kyler murray endorsements.

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