Kyler Murray is making a name for himself in professional football. After becoming the first player taken with the top pick of this year’s draft by an NFL team, he was given another astonishing compliment from his coach.

Kyler Murray was just dealt a curious backhanded compliment from the Cardinals. In an interview with Arizona Sports 98.7 FM, Cardinals head coach Steve Wilks said that he’s “not surprised” by how well Kyler Murray has played in his first two NFL starts because of the way he is able to process information and make quick decisions on the field. Read more in detail here: kyler murray age.

Kyler Murray Was Just Dealt a Curious Backhanded Compliment From the Cardinals

Over the last several weeks, the continuing Kyler Murray drama with the Arizona Cardinals has been a fascinating one to watch. Reports are flying all over the place, with the most of them describing Murray’s dissatisfaction with how the Cardinals have been operated over the last several weeks.

Murray was said to be “embarrassed” after the team’s humiliating Wild Card Round defeat to the Los Angeles Rams. Murray was described as “self-centered” and “immature” in another investigation. Many people predict Murray and Arizona will divorce sooner rather than later as a result of the incident.

Despite the Cardinals’ statements to the contrary, a recent statement from the team’s owner says otherwise.

Michael Bidwill, the owner of the Cardinals, recently gave Kyler Murray a backhanded praise.

On Arizona Sports 98.7-FM just now, Cardinals owner Michael Bidwill stated he talked with QB Kyler Murray last night and told him, “Put me in the corner of ‘I love him,’ and I know he’s going to get better.”

— Bob McManaman (@azbobbymac) February 25, 2022

During an interview with Arizona Sports 98.7-FM, Cardinals owner Michael Bidwill was questioned about his present connection with Murray on Friday morning. Murray was still the man in Arizona, according to Bidwill.

Bidwill remarked, “Put me in the corner of I adore him.” “And I’m certain he’ll improve.”

This seems to be a statement of confidence from the Cardinals organization at first sight. However, a closer examination reveals that the presence of the second part of this sentence is rather intriguing.

Murray isn’t already considered outstanding or one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, according to Bidwill. He instead cited his faith in Murray’s ability to “improve.”

This seems to be a snide remark from the Cardinals.

Cardinals QB Kyler Murray.

Cardinals QB Kyler Murray. Christian Petersen/Getty Images/Kyler Murray

Given the present status of the Murray-Arizona relationship, it’s tough not to interpret this comment from Bidwill as a backhanded praise. The Cardinals’ ownership clearly feels Murray is a factor in the team’s difficulties.

In 2021, Murray had a tremendous regular season. He had a total offense of over 4,000 yards and 29 touchdowns. His postseason debut, on the other hand, was a disaster. He threw two interceptions and only accumulated 137 total passing yards.

The Cardinals’ executive management and coaching staff were quickly blamed for the team’s poor postseason showing. The team’s owner, on the other hand, looks to be leaning in a different way. He wouldn’t have publicly urged Murray to improve if he wasn’t blaming him for the team’s playoff defeat.

What is Kyler Murray’s next step?

Murray will continue to wear Cardinals red in the offseason of 2022. Murray’s NFL career is just three years old, thus a trade would be premature for all parties.

It is important to remember, though, that Murray is eligible for a contract extension this year. These days, a contract extension for a young franchise quarterback will cost $30-40 million a season. This isn’t a little choice for the Cardinals’ management team to make.

Murray could also be hesitant to accept a contract with Arizona for the next few years. Murray could easily push for free agency in two years’ time, or at the very least, a trade whenever it becomes more practical for the Cardinals.

Murray’s status in Arizona, nevertheless, will be intriguing to monitor in 2022. There seems to be a great deal of back-channel contact and media leaks. It’s not the best method to do business.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

NEW REPORT: Cardinals QB Kyler Murray is ‘Self-Centered, Immature, and a Finger Pointer,’ according to a shocking new report.

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