The Los Angeles Lakers are in a tough spot. They have to let go of Lonzo Ball and trade him somewhere, but the team doesn’t want to lose LaMelo Ball for nothing in return because he’s such an important piece not only for their present, but also their future.

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LaMelo Ball Must Remember What Makes Him Great in the 1st Place in Order to Save the Stingless Hornets

In 2020, the Charlotte Hornets, a woeful organization that had gone four years without making the playoffs, hit the lottery. The Hornets probably got the draft’s best player and put themselves on the road to contention by selecting LaMelo Ball with the third overall choice.

While the 2020-21 season was mostly a learning experience due to COVID-19, the 2021-22 season had all the makings of becoming a year to remember in the Queen City. However, Charlotte’s hold on the nine-seed is shaky at best, and the season is now in jeopardy.

With a record of 30-33, the Hornets are in severe danger of missing the playoffs. Ball now has the task of righting the ship and leading the team to its first postseason participation since 2016. He’ll have to highlight the abilities that made him a franchise cornerstone in the first place in order to do so.

The Charlotte Hornets are on the verge of being eliminated from the postseason chase.

The Hornets appearing in the Eastern Conference playoffs seemed to be a foregone conclusion for the duration of the season. Charlotte climbed to a season-high 28-22 in possession of the seven-seed after almost blowing a huge lead to the Los Angeles Lakers and frustrating club owner Michael Jordan to the point of walking away from his suite.

The “buzz” has steadily fled Buzz City after the game on Jan. 28. Since beating LA, Charlotte has gone 2-11, losing by an average of 10.8 points per game. That isn’t to say the Hornets haven’t had their share of heartbreaks. Three of their previous five defeats have occurred in overtime, one of which was won by Kelly Olynyk on a buzzer-beating game-winner against the 15-47 Detroit Pistons.

Despite their poor record, the Hornets are essentially the same squad they’ve been all season: high-scoring offense and dreadful defense. Charlotte was still scoring more points (114.1) than anybody in the NBA entering Wednesday, but its defense was giving up more points (114.8) than everyone but the Houston Rockets and Sacramento Kings.

LaMelo Ball has to go back to doing what he does best: playing basketball. v=4xhgIPzGR2g

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None of this is meant to be a criticism on Ball. After all, the 20-year-old was named to the All-Star squad only months after winning Rookie of the Year.

This is more about LaMelo honing his skills and executing them more often.

Ball is tied for the team lead in points per game with Miles Bridges after 56 games (19.9). With 17.0 field-goal attempts, he leads the team. He’s also second in the league in three-point attempts, following only Terry Rozier with 7.3 per game.


The 6-foot-7 point guard was a well-rounded prospect when he entered the NBA and has continued to grow into a well-rounded player. His bread and butter, on the other hand, is identical to that of his elder brother, Lonzo, who plays for the Chicago Bulls. Yes, the Ball brothers can score goals, but it is their passing and playmaking skills that distinguish them.

LaMelo is averaging 7.4 assists per game while being the team’s top scorer. Ball should take fewer shots per game and utilize more of Charlotte’s possessions to seek out teammates, given that he’s shooting a fine-but-not-great 41.9 percent from the field and 36.9 percent from three.

There’s also evidence that when that’s the case, the Hornets are better off. Charlotte is 11-16 in the 27 games in which Ball has scored 20 points or more. They’ve also squandered Ball’s top three scoring nights. When he scores fewer than 20, the score is 15-14.

Ball’s increased assist totals might potentially aid the defense.

Charlotte Hornets stars LaMelo Ball and Miles Bridges have a conversation.

Charlotte Hornets stars LaMelo Ball and Miles Bridges have a conversation. The Charlotte Hornets’ LaMelo Ball #2 and Miles Bridges #0 converse along the bench during a game against the Detroit Pistons. | Getty Images/Nic Antaya

Ball’s decision to focus more on playmaking than than shooting should benefit an offense that, despite its prolific scoring, is 12th in offensive rating. It should, however, play a role in helping one of the league’s poorest defenses.

LaMelo’s insistence on doing everything oneself has resulted in the squandering of far too many assets. While this puts pressure on his defender, it leaves little energy for the rest of the team. On the other end, this lets opponents to run wild against the Hornets, as seen by Charlotte’s 13.7 fast-break points per game.

Ball, on the other hand, can get the ball moving and keep opponents on their toes. Bridges, Rozier, and Montrezl Harrell are all athletic supplementary pieces that are ideally fitted to Melo’s style, despite Gordon Hayward’s foot injury hurting the Hornets and being largely responsible for Ball’s surge in scoring. Make the most of them on offense, and wonderful things will happen on the opposite side as well.

The Hornets still have a few weeks to secure a playoff berth, but their prospects are dwindling by the day. But there is still hope for Charlotte if Ball gives up some of his scoring in the service of making everyone else around him better.

Basketball Reference provided all statistics.

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