LeBron James is a basketball superstar, but he doesn’t crack the top 5 highest-paid players in the NBA. On average, LeBron makes $14 million less than other stars like Kevin Durant and Steph Curry. While there are many factors that contribute to this discrepancy including endorsements and marketing deals with Nike and McDonald’s respectively, it can be argued that LeBron doesn’t deserve his paycheck when compared to other players in the league who have much more impressive resumes.

LeBron James is due to make $41.2 million this year but surprisingly doesn’t crack the top 5 highest-paid players in the NBA. The Cleveland Cavaliers forward has a number of endorsements, including Nike and Coca-Cola.

LeBron James is regarded as one of the best basketball players of all time. You’d assume that since the Los Angeles Lakers superstar is the most important player to his club of everyone in the NBA today, he’d be the highest-paid player in the league.

Surprisingly, LeBron isn’t even among the top five players on the list. In fact, in 2021-22, he isn’t even the highest-paid player on the Lakers’ roster.

Yes, I’m serious.

LeBron James is the all-time highest-paid NBA player.

Along with Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and a few others, James is considered one of the best NBA players of all time. Even if LeBron doesn’t top that list, he’s still the best check casher of all time in another category.

James has earned a record $387.4 million in salary alone throughout his 19 seasons in the NBA, making him the highest-paid player in league history. Kevin Garnett ($334.3 million), Chris Paul ($330.7 million), Kobe Bryant ($323.3 million), and Kevin Durant ($306.2 million) round out the top five.

Obviously, Paul and Durant can still catch James in terms of money, but James isn’t planning on retiring anytime soon.

This season, James isn’t even the Lakers’ highest-paid player.

Westbrook will be paid $44.2 million this season, followed by $47.1 million in 2022-23. (player option).

Would become the highest-paid player on the Lakers’ roster.

July 29, 2021 — Shane Young (@YoungNBA)

The Lakers would not have been able to acquire Anthony Davis or trade for Russell Westbrook if James had not been on the roster. Without its greatest star, Los Angeles would still be in the Western Conference cellar, as he’s shown time and time again during his career that whichever team he’s on automatically becomes a top championship candidate.

LeBron James is deserving of being the highest-paid player in the NBA, but he isn’t even the highest-paid player on his own club. That isn’t a mistake.

Westbrook, who signed a five-year, $206.8 million deal with the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2018, is set to earn $44.2 million this season alone. On the other side, James is owed $41.2 million.

So, where does LeBron stand among the NBA’s highest-paid players this season?

Surprisingly, LeBron is just the NBA’s sixth highest-paid player.

LeBron James isn't even inside the top five of the highest-paid NBA players list.

LeBron James isn't even inside the top five of the highest-paid NBA players list. During a game, LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers looks on | Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Although no player in the NBA deserves to be paid more than James, there are five players who are expected to make more money this season than “The King.”

Stephen Curry is the highest-paid player on the list, with $45.8 million, followed by John Wall (yep, John Wall) and James Harden, both with $44.3 million. Westbrook is in fourth place with a $44.2 million salary, while Durant is in fifth place with a $44 million compensation.

Then there’s James, who earns $41.2 million this season, making him the NBA’s sixth highest-paid player.

Spotrac provided all contract statistics.

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