LeBron James is on the record as saying he doesn’t care about his NBA legacy, but a teammate and friend of LeBron’s who plays for the Lakers has taken to Twitter to talk some sense into him.

“LeBron James’ Lakers teammate Kent Bazemore passionately comes to his defense” is a quote from LeBron James’s Lakers teammate Kent Bazemore. The article discusses how the Lakers are looking for their next superstar and whether or not they should sign LeBron James in 2021. Read more in detail here: lakers 2021.

For the fourth time in his brilliant career, LeBron James is sitting at home during the playoffs. 

So, what’s the deal with that? 

The Los Angeles Lakers’ terrible season may be attributed to a variety of factors. The front staff assembled a dumpster fire of a squad; James and Anthony Davis were instrumental in the team’s trade for Russell Westbrook, and both Davis and Westbrook were huge disappointments. (Davis was injured for more than half of the season, and Westbrook didn’t seem like, well, Westbrook.)

Those who oppose LeBron’s GOAT status, on the other hand, point to this past year as evidence. How did a 37-year-old quarterback fail to lead a mediocre club to the playoffs? It’s unforgivable. He did it in his twenties and early thirties. Why didn’t he do it at a time when Father Time was drawing ever closer? They would have gotten there if Michael Jordan had been present. With the Washington Wizards, he missed the playoffs, but he still would have done it! (Yes, I’m being sarcastic.)

Kent Bazemore, James’ Lakers teammate, recently responded to a question about The King taking a lot of flak, and he made sure to defend the four-time Finals MVP. LeBron still had a great year and didn’t appear like he was 37. So, what else are people looking for?

LeBron James was guarded by Kent Bazemore.

https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=11iDTWseeV8

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Kent Bazemore returns to the Lakers in 2021-22 after playing 23 games for the club in 2013-14, most likely with the hopes of pursuing a championship alongside LeBron James and company.

Even if things didn’t turn out that way, Bazemore still has nothing but praise for James.

“He was third in the league in scoring,” Bazemore told TMZ (James was second in scoring with 30.3 points per game, but he didn’t qualify for the league scoring championship since he only played 56 games). “Is there anything more you want him to do?” This year, Dad pushed his body through a lot to be there for us. So, he’s accomplished quite a bit. He’s on the hunt for Kareem [Abdul-Jabbar] (for the all-time scoring title). He’s made a significant contribution to the game.”

So, if someone wants to blame James for the Lakers’ failure to make the playoffs, Bazemore isn’t interested. LeBron James had a fantastic season.

As a player, LeBron James is to blame, but not as a person.

LeBron James and his Los Angeles Lakers teammates, DeAndre Jordan and Kent Bazemore.

LeBron James and his Los Angeles Lakers teammates, DeAndre Jordan and Kent Bazemore. LeBron James (6) of the Los Angeles Lakers makes a gesture to the crowd as teammates DeAndre Jordan (10) and Kent Bazemore (9) assist him. | Getty Images/Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times

When the Boston Celtics swept Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets last week, I tweeted, “Can we stop putting Kevin Durant in the same category as LeBron now?” Many LeBron haters or KD defenders brought up how James didn’t even make the playoffs this year. But what many critics don’t realize is that LeBron deserves blame for his influence in the front office, not his play on the court.

He was instrumental in the Lakers’ trade of their championship-winning depth for Russell Westbrook. This is something that cannot be neglected. But, based solely on his performance, James remains one of the league’s best players, and he would not have allowed the Celtics to sweep him if he had been on the same team as Durant (and if he had been KD’s age of 33).

LeBron James had a fantastic season. He scored 30.3 points per game, his highest average since his third season in the league. He also averaged 6.2 assists and 8.2 rebounds per game, while shooting 52.4 percent from the floor, which was his greatest percentage since joining the Lakers.

What more is there for him to do, as Bazemore put it? His play was incredible, particularly for a 37-year-old, therefore his detractors should stop criticizing him. Although James’ personnel effect is fair game, the four-time MVP is still one of the top players in the world in terms of performance.

Basketball Reference provided the statistics.

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