A lot of people are saying that the Steelers runningback Le’Veon Bell is a cancer on the team, simply because he has refused to show up for work since the end of training camp. However, his actions are not really that shocking considering that he has a checkered history. In fact, Bell’s attitude towards the Steelers organization is definitely not the first time that he has been an unprofessional nightmare on and off the field.

Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell has worn his fair share of head coach Andy Reid-bashing helmets this season, but in his latest tirade, he may have finally, irrefutably, gone too far.

Has Le’Veon Bell played his last NFL game yet?

The 29-year-old former Pittsburgh Steelers star faces an uncertain future in professional football. He hasn’t rushed for 1,000 yards since the 2017 season and certainly didn’t look like a three-time Pro Bowler with the New York Jets or Kansas City Chiefs.

After another impressive campaign, Bell has done even more damage to his reputation this season. By needlessly lashing out at one of the NFL’s most respected coaches, the overrated running back has put the final nail in his own coffin. And when Andy Reid’s colleagues look at the big picture, they have to realize that Bell is no longer worth the headache.

Le’Veon Bell’s career is on the line after another disappointing season

It’s like Le’Veon Bell finishing the 2016 season and making 2 yards or less in his career over the next three years and beyond.

– Neil Koolong (@NealCoolong) December 20, 2020

Just four years ago, Bell was convinced the Pro Football Hall of Fame was waiting for him. But at this point, his chances of making it to Canton are not even slim.

Finally, anyone who has seen the post-Pittsburgh version of Bell can agree that he is simply not invested on the field.

In 62 games with the Steelers, the 6-foot-1, 225-pound running back has scored nearly 8,000 yards on the ground and 42 touchdowns. But he’s nowhere near the numbers he put up under Mike Tomlin. And considering the money he’s made over the past two seasons, Bell’s performance looks even worse.

Although the Jets ended his four-year, $52.5 million contract, Bell still earned $28 million before he was fired last October. He ran for just 863 yards, 500 yards and four touchdowns in 17 games. So it’s safe to say the Jets didn’t get value for money.

Working with Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs staff has put Bell in a position to revitalize his career. But he didn’t change the view that his days as an elite racer were long over.

Bell hit the final nail in his coffin with another unnecessary shot at Andy Reid

Chris Greiten/Getty Images | Chris Unger/Getty Images

Bell caused a stir earlier this month when he responded to an Instagram comment about his tenure with the Chiefs.

I will never play for Andy Reed again …. I’m retiring first, he wrote.

A few days later, Reed took matters into his own hands and refused an altercation with his former runner.

I really enjoyed my time with him here, the 63-year-old coach said Thursday at a post-training press conference. I loved the way he handled things and ran his business. He had productive discounts for us. But I support him in the future. That’s how I do it. People say different things. You’re talking nonsense. I’ll go ahead and wish him well.

However, the free throw shooter recently went after Reed for seemingly no reason. In response to an Instagram post that included a quote from Reid about him encouraging her, Bell wrote: lol that’s cap.

In fact, he called his former head coach a liar.

While Bell’s comment doesn’t fall into the NSFW category, it does show a total lack of maturity and professionalism. Reed is widely respected as a coach and leader, so there’s no reason for Bell to doubt his authenticity or character. Bell did everything he could to undermine his value: declining physical skills and seemingly baseless attacks on Reed. And if other NFL teams want to create a winning culture, they need to plan differently for the running back position.

NFL teams must resist the temptation to give therunning back another chance

Early in his career, Le’Veon Bell’s patient running style was merely preparation for a masterful trek, so no one would notice if he slowed down and lost all his explosive power.

– Sam Monson (@PFF_Sam) November 29, 2020

If it is certain that Bell will no longer play for the Chiefs, Steelers or Jets, could he be on his feet somewhere else?

Of course, it’s possible that a playoff contender would want to strengthen their backfield by contracting Bell. But is it worth it?

Not at all.

Bell hasn’t shown in years that he can fool defenders. Since 2016, he hasn’t gone above 4.0 yards per carry. After scoring 42 touchdowns in his first five years in the NFL, Bell crossed the goal line just eight times in the 2019-20 season.

His pathetic production and bad attitude should make him untouchable. Why risk internal problems by signing a great player who won’t have much impact on the field?

Even if Le’Veon Bell finds a new home in the NFL, the chances of him regaining his Pro Bowl form are about the same as his chances of being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

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