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Little Bass, Lots of Comfort. Sennheiser Epos H3 is a headphone that has been designed for comfort and sound quality. It has a large ear pad and headband cushion to provide the user with maximum comfort.

Little Bass, Lots of Comfort

People may work and play from anywhere and on any device thanks to remote work and cloud-based gaming. More individuals are connecting remotely for work before hopping to their PC, console, or handheld to throw a “Hail Mary” or two in Halo Infinite, from home offices and living rooms to corporate conference rooms and coffee shops. A dynamic schedule necessitates a dynamic headset, which is precisely what EPOS’s H3 Hybrid gaming headset is designed to be. 

The EPOS H3 Hybrid headset is meant to fit precisely in every part of your life, no matter where you are, what you’re doing, or how you’re connected. The H3 Hybrid is intended to meet your demands, whether it’s accepting phone calls or squadding up in Battlefield 2042 – or both at the same time. The EPOS H3 Hybrid is a wonderful choice for anybody who is calling, jamming, or playing on the move. It may not have powerful bass or a studio-quality mic, but it is a terrific alternative for anyone who is calling, jamming, or playing on the go. 

Review of the EPOS H3 Hybrid Headset: Little Bass, Lots of Comfort


Aesthetic Appeal

The absence of deep tones was the first problem I noticed throughout my time with the H3 Hybrid as someone who enjoys a lot of bass in their audio mix. While the headset has mediocre bass, it does provide a more natural sound with lots of clarity, which some may claim offers players an advantage in competitive play.

In Halo Infinite, it was always simple to detect footsteps or pick out the finest elements from an in-game soundtrack. Unfortunately, the flat sound profile lacks the deep tones that help bring a screaming engine to life or convey a grenade’s impact explosion.

EPOS’ Gaming Suite software provides a comprehensive set of customization options for PC users, allowing you to fine-tune your sound profile and find the sweet spot no matter what game or application you’re playing. The software has a 9-band equalization that allows you to increase the lows and highs as much as you like, as well as four unique presets to enable you quickly return to the ideal setting for your circumstance.

While the H3 Hybrid’s clarity and detail are impressive, its lack of deep tones leaves a lot to be desired for console and mobile gamers who can’t readily add bass using the headset’s software or a third-party application.


In terms of functionality, the EPOS compensates for the H3 Hybrid’s weak bass tones. This headset is designed for power users, including Bluetooth, USB-C, and 3.5mm audio connectors for connecting to devices. EPOS intended this headset to be a go-to headset for mobile devices, PCs, PlayStation, and Xbox. With a standard pairing method and a two-button design — one for power and the other for Bluetooth connection — the H3 Hybrid connects simply through Bluetooth. 

A Smart button is included into the right ear cup’s volume dial, allowing you to stop music, answer calls, and switch profiles on the fly. Dual connection allows you to utilize two devices simultaneously, removing the need to remove your headset for calls or check your phone in-game between matches.

The wired device’s audio is controlled via the volume wheel, while Bluetooth audio is controlled directly on the linked device. Two distinct volume controls may not be the most comfortable solution, but they are basic enough to operate effectively and get the job done.

The Smart Button is a wonderful function, but it’s less straightforward than the Smart Button on other headsets. I hoped the H3 Hybrid had the near-universal feature of tapping to stop and adjust music on a regular basis. While this isn’t a deal-breaker, it may seem like a step back for anybody who has become used to managing their audio straight from their headset.


EPOS picked an easily detachable microphone to add to the mix, keeping in mind multi-device users. The H3 Hybrid’s boom mic, which clips to the left ear cup and produces a snug fit that feels as linked and secure as any classic headset boom, will feel right at home for fans of Antlion’s ModMic wireless. The mic easily snaps off, making this the ideal choice for anybody who need high-quality audio but does not want to seem like an air traffic controller in public.

If you need to take a call and don’t have easy access to the detachable microphone, a backup microphone baked into the left ear cup will suffice. It’s buried above the power button, out of sight and out of mind, reducing the chances of it being brushed or pressed during a conversation. 

The H3 Hybrid offers a far easier approach to turn the mic on and off than a separate mute button: raise the boom mike to silence, lower it to talk. This is a terrific technique to quickly make a callout or a statement to a teammate without having to mess with a little physical button for someone who spends the most of their time in-game muted. The headset also has excellent active mic monitoring across all devices, which is a little detail that many companies overlook.

The detachable mic may not have the same quality as a dedicated desktop microphone or an attachment like the Antlion ModMic, but EPOS provides clear communication with active monitoring to keep you in touch with your voice. The H3 Hybrid’s mic is more than capable of handling anything from business phone conversations to in-game party talk. 


“Ergonomic ear cups” may seem like a corny marketing word, but the H3 Hybrid actually shines in this area. The ear cups are pleasant to the touch, providing a comfortable and breathable over-ear experience during lengthy sessions. The ear cups are hinged, and they attach through a stainless-steel band that has enough of movement while staying securely in place.

While the extra mobility in this design may not seem like much, it offers a more pleasant feel when compared to many comparable items. 

The leather and mesh headband offers enough cushioning without the discomfort and tiredness that many lesser options might cause. While my Xbox Wireless Headset might cause some discomfort three or four hours into a game, the EPOS H3 Hybrid is more than comfortable enough to keep me pleased all day.

Life of the Batteries

On a single charge, the H3 Hybrid provides an incredible 37 hours of Bluetooth battery life. When listening via a cable connection, the headset lasts 24 hours, and when utilizing dual connectivity to bridge several devices, the headset lasts 19 hours.

For one week, I utilized the EPOS H3 Hybrid as my daily driver across all devices to put its comfort to the test. That equates to three hours of console gaming, eight hours of office work with ambient music and Teams calls, and two hours of nighttime content production.

The H3 Hybrid operated wonderfully throughout the day, delivering enough battery power to last the whole day with extra left over for the next several days. When your headset’s battery runs out, USB-C serves as both a connection and a charging method, allowing you to recharge your headset without disrupting your session. 

The Bottom Line on the EPOS H3 Hybrid Headset



  • There’s a lot of flexibility for different devices.
  • It’s comfortable enough to wear all day.
  • Exceptional battery life


  • The sound profile is flat.
  • Onboard audio controls are limited.

With a higher price tag of $180, it’s difficult to claim that EPOS’ H3 Hybrid is a top-tier bargain. While the headset’s overall build quality, comfort, and practicality are unrivaled, the headset falls short on the most crucial feature: sound quality.

Those who choose the H3 Hybrid only for its adaptability and compatibility, on the other hand, will not be disappointed; it’s a headset that can really match the demands of every aspect of your life. So long as you’re prepared to give up a little bass in the process, that is.

[For this evaluation, EPOS supplied an H3 Hybrid gaming headset.]

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