It’s no secret that Michael Jordan was known for being a hard-nosed competitor, and he didn’t hold back when offering advice to young athletes. One of the top former NBA players has revealed what his idol told him during one specific point in his career while they were on opposite teams.

Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan were two of the most dominant players in NBA history. They both became legends off their individual talents, but when they faced each other on the court, it was a different story. In an interview with Bill Simmons, Magic Johnson dishes on how cold-blooded “advice” MJ gave him during his comeback. Read more in detail here: michael jordan vs magic johnson.

Magic Johnson Dishes on the Cold-Blooded 'Advice' Michael Jordan Gave Him During His NBA Comeback

For the first time since Jordan’s Chicago Bulls upset Magic’s Los Angeles Lakers in Game 5 of the 1991 NBA Finals, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan faced off in an official game on February 2, 1996.

It’s not like the two haven’t fought since Johnson’s unexpected departure from the NBA in November 1991 due to his HIV diagnosis. When Magic won MVP with an emotional performance at the 1992 NBA All-Star Game, they fought. When they were members of the fabled Dream Team, there were lots of fights during those intensive training.

However, this Groundhog Day showdown between the Bulls and the Lakers was their first formal meeting in a long time.

Magic had returned to the Lakers only three nights before and had almost a triple-double with 19 points, 10 assists, and eight rebounds in 27 minutes off the bench in a 10-point victory. But it was against a Warriors club that had an 18-24 record coming into the game.

The Bulls were on a 17-game winning run, had a 40-3 record, and would go on to win a then-record 72 games on route to their fourth NBA title in six years in Game 2 of his comeback.

So, sure, this was a unique experience. And, to be honest, it was a very different league than it had been four years before when Magic had gone. And, as is customary for Jordan, he made sure to tell the five-time NBA champion.

In Magic Johnson’s second game in 1996, Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls handily beat Magic Johnson and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson square off during the 1991 NBA Finals

Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson square off during the 1991 NBA Finals Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson clash during a game between the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers | Lori Shepler/The Los Angeles Times

The Lakers, who entered the game with a 25-18 record, hung with the Bulls for the opening 12 minutes, and the first quarter finished in a 28-28 tie. However, Chicago outscored LA 26-13 in the second quarter and 26-18 in the third quarter to build a 21-point advantage into the fourth and win 99-84.

Jordan not only scored 17 points, which was significantly below his season average of 30.4 points, but he also only shot the ball 17 times, which was also way below his season average. Scottie Pippen led the Bulls to victory that night, making 12 of 21 shots from the field en route to a 30-point performance. Dennis Rodman scored ten points and collected a whopping 23 rebounds.

Magic didn’t have the same all-around game he had against Golden State, as the Bulls’ suffocating defense forced him to struggle for almost everything. He did, however, perform well, making six of 13 shots from the field and one of two free throws for a total of 15 points. He added three assists, three rebounds, and a steal to his stat line. Cedric Ceballos led the Lakers in scoring with 23 points on the night.

Magic claims Jordan urged him after the game that he should retire.

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Jordan reportedly tracked down Johnson outside the locker rooms after the game and confronted him with some harsh realities before offering his close friend some “advice,” as Magic described on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday night.

Johnson said, “They truly showed me the difference between a championship squad and a playoff club.” “We were simply an ordinary squad, and they were a championship team.” And they were having a lot of fun with me. They were aggressive and shoved me about…

“Michael drew me aside after the game – I don’t believe I’ve ever told anybody this.” ‘Earvin, you have to remember now, you’re not with Kareem [Abdul-Jabbar], you’re not with James Worthy,’ he remarked as we stood between the locker rooms. Showtime, all of the people you used to play with are no longer on the Laker squad. So keep in mind that you may want to consider retiring.”

Michael Jordan vs. Magic Johnson

Wasn’t he always searching for a mental edge? Or maybe Jordan was taken aback by the attention Magic was receiving. I guess I read somewhere that he did it now and then.

Jordan was humorously referred to as a “sick person” by Jimmy Kimmel, but Johnson conceded that MJ was correct.

After the Lakers were eliminated from the playoffs in four games by the two-time reigning champion Houston Rockets a few months later, Magic retired for good.

Basketball Reference provided the statistics.

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