The Lakers have gone through a lot in the past month and are sweating over their next move. In an interview with TMZ, Magic Johnson confirmed that he did not want to see Luke Walton back as head coach. The former point guard said it was a “nightmare scenario” for him because of how his relationship with James has turned out- something even bigger news outlets began reporting on this week after ESPN’s Brian Windhorst revealed the drama behind what led up to James’ departure from Cleveland.

In a recent interview with TMZ, Magic Johnson confirmed that the LA Lakers are in the process of searching for their next head coach. The team is looking for someone who can take them to the playoffs and beyond. Read more in detail here: who was magic johnson’s first nba coach.

TMZ manages to identify celebrities and get them to answer questions on camera, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Even if the interviews aren’t groundbreaking, they may give some valuable information. Consider the outlet’s most recent meeting with Magic Johnson.

Despite his lack of enthusiasm in speaking, the renowned guard did share some insight on the Los Angeles Lakers’ hunt for a new head coach.

However, not every discovery is good. Even though Johnson only just a few words, he managed to affirm the Lakers’ major issue: the team is decaying from the top down.

Magic Johnson verified the identities of those involved in the search for the Lakers’ new coach.

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Magic Johnson is typically eager to answer questions and give a tale or two in most situations. Despite his aversion to speaking with TMZ, the Lakers guard’s remarks managed to shed some light on the organization.

Magic was asked whether he’d consider coaching the Lakers during an unplanned interview. He rejected any interest in the job, implying that Phil Jackson was not yet ready to return to the bench.

“I don’t believe Phil will coach again,” Johnson added, “but he is assisting in the search for a coach, which is wonderful.”

The famous guard was then questioned whether he thought Jackson was the proper person to assist in the hiring of a new head coach. Magic didn’t quite respond to that question, but he did disclose the identity of people who are assisting the Lakers in their progress.

“Well, I’m sure he’ll do it with Jeanie Buss, Rob Pelinka, and Kurt Rambis,” the former Laker said.

That succinct response tells us all we need to know about the Lakers’ coaching hunt.

.@RealSkipBayless on Phil Jackson reportedly involved in Lakers coaching search:

“It feels like Jeanie Buss just fired LeBron as the unofficial GM of the Lakers. It feels like she’s angry about the Westbrook debacle and is bringing back Phil Jackson into the fold.”

— UNDISPUTED (@undisputed) May 4, 2022

Needless to say, a plainly bored Magic Johnson addressing some impromptu questions on Hollywood Boulevard shouldn’t be taken seriously. While the guard didn’t provide any fresh details, he did corroborate what we previously knew about the Lakers.

It goes without saying that Jeanie Buss and Rob Pelinka will be involved in the search for the next head coach. Even if they haven’t performed too well lately, the owner and general manager have to call the shots. Rambis’ presence isn’t ideal — we’ll talk about that later — but it isn’t surprising. He’s been an adviser within the club’s hierarchy since 2018 and seems to have the trust of Buss. Jackson has ties to the famous franchise, and Adrian Wojnarowski previously reported that the NBA veteran is involved in the coaching search.

Even if we were aware of this group, it is still bad news for Lakers fans.

Kurt Rambis has a 72-173 career coaching record (.294 win percent ). I’d want to hear what his first query was on Zoom.

— Doug Norrie (@DougNorrie) May 7, 2022

No one in that group inspires confidence, at the risk of painting with a wide brush. Many Lakers fans have lost trust in Buss, as mentioned in a recent SB Nation story. Rambis has a horrible track record as a head coach and has never shown why he could be trusted as a consultant. Pelinka ruined the club by acquiring Russell Westbrook, and his front office refuses to accept responsibility. Phil Jackson has a fantastic coaching career, but as we saw with the Knicks, that expertise may not be transferable to the front office.

It’s unclear whether Magic is participating, but his track record isn’t great either. In February 2022, Bill Oram of The Athletic described Buss as stating she depends on Johnson and considers him part of the Lakers’ hierarchy. Remember, he is the same guy who struggled as the team’s president of basketball operations before abruptly stepping down in 2019.

All of this is to argue that the Lakers’ management team hasn’t exactly won the fans’ confidence. It seems to be set up for internal rivalry, with each member bringing a unique viewpoint. Why would Rob Pelinka, for example, support the hypothetical hire of a longer-term coach over someone who can (theoretically) win now if his career is on the line?

The Los Angeles Lakers will have to make some difficult choices in order to return to their previous levels. The appointment of a new head coach is likely to create a precedent. Will the franchise be able to focus and make the proper decisions, even if they’re difficult? Or will the brass behave in their own self-interest and for the sake of perceived prestige?

While the hiring team’s makeup does not seem positive, only time will tell.

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