Superstars is a new take on the Mario Party franchise that features a more customizable approach to the gameplay, as well as an emphasis on playing online. The game’s story centers around several different characters who travel through space and time to create havoc in their respective eras.

The “Mario Party Superstars release date” is a game that has been released for the Nintendo Switch. The game is a spiritual successor to Mario Party 9 and 10. This review will go over how the game plays, what it offers, and whether or not it’s worth getting.

You’ll find lots of suggestions for planning the ideal party if you go through old etiquette books or search the Internet. You’ll need visitors, top-notch entertainment, and delectable cuisine. Above all, you must prioritize your guests.

You also put your pals first in Mario Party Superstars, putting them first in line to be thrown into a pit of spiky death while walking away with a bag of cash and a heart full of malicious delight.

Mario Party breaks all the standards of politeness and polite society, and it’s all for the better. Superstars is not just the finest Mario Party yet, but it’s also the best Mario Party in a long time.

Review of Mario Party Superstars: Shining Like a Superstar

Mario Party Superstars is, at its heart, a traditional Mario Party game. Four players battle to gain as many stars and coins as possible, and each round concludes with a minigame. It also eliminates the nonsense from some of the more recent political parties.

There’s no ballyhoo, no pressure to collaborate, and no gimmicks like changing the time of day or night. It’s just you, a board, 100 mini-games, and a willing group of three other victims. 

It’s not even necessary for partygoers to be friends, but it’s always more fun with pals. Mario Party with bots is a terrible experience that seems more like a training mode, but happily, you can join up with other people online.

However, the stability isn’t always as excellent as it may be, as it is with some of Nintendo’s other online games. The majority of the latency may be mitigated by everyone playing on a wired connection, however this might be difficult to set up if you’re playing with strangers.

Still, playing Mario Party with strangers adds a unique level of craziness, and it’s a safe choice because to Nintendo’s lack of a simple method to include voice communication. 


Instead, you receive stickers, which are a collection of Mario characters in amusing stances with single words or phrases written on them. When someone has an unfavorable turn, spamming “Yes” or “Nice one” is irritating. It’s still a lot simpler to cope with than hate speech or harassment, and in the proper situation, stickers can be rather enjoyable to use.

In any of Mario Party Superstars’ five boards, there is usually no lack of amusing or amusingly unlucky events. Longtime fans may recognize them, but there’s a reason Nintendo brought these oldies back from the Nintendo 64 era: they’re still fantastic.

The deceptively basic Peach’s Birthday Cake includes a few twists that keep things fresh, but Horror Land and Space Land are notable favorites. 

There are a few minor adjustments to each board, but nothing major. For example, Space Land shows the laser counter in a slightly different manner than previously and does not provide you with flashy space suits, but the major change is the quality of the boards. Mario Party Superstars may be one of the best-looking Nintendo games ever, with its shockingly realistic textures and splashes of visual adornment placed in unexpected places. 

Nintendo’s re-releases and remakes have gotten a lot of flak, but Superstars is one of the most well selected ones. The enhancements are particularly noticeable in the Nintendo 64 Mario Parties’ boards and minigames, and Superstars favors those N64 classics.


Until recently, the only option to play them was via the Wii and Wii U Virtual Consoles, which looked as old as you’d imagine. For someone like me who loves Mario Party but just began with Mario Party 4, getting to play polished versions was a joy.

Mini-games from Mario Party 4 and Mario Party 5 are still available, and certain elements, such as duels, will be recognizable to those who have played subsequent titles. However, the emphasis is clearly on the classic Mario Parties, and with good reason.

The mini-games are some of the most enjoyable I’ve had with the series in a long time, and their relative simplicity helps. Tracing an exact line, or choosing not to and instead forming crazy forms, and flashing a flashlight on a guilty Mario criminal as they attempt to flee are much more enjoyable than they should be.

I’m glad to note that motion controls aren’t used in any of Superstars’ mini-games since they’re temperamental and frequently inaccurate. It’s just traditional, cozy, and pleasant Mario Party, albeit “comfort” is subjective and frequently ephemeral when the climax with its additional stars arrives. 

Mario Party Superstars, on the other hand, is virtually begging for (hopefully free) DLC. The five boards are nice, but more would be even better, and there are still a lot of great mini-games I’d want to play again.

The Bottom Line on Mario Party Superstars



  • Classic boards and mini-games are well-balanced.
  • The remastered boards and games have been meticulously crafted.
  • There is no need for motion control.
  • Playing on the internet is simple.
  • The recipe is as entertaining as it has always been.


  • Online might be sluggish at times.
  • Five boards isn’t a lot.

There are many of multiplayer games on the Switch, but Mario Party Superstars is one of the finest. Even with sluggish internet and the odd spamming rando, I’ve had more fun with it than I have in a long time.

It’s some of Mario Party’s greatest, and I only hope that more is introduced in the following months.

[Note: The copy of Mario Party Superstars used in this review was given by Nintendo.]

“Mario Party Superstars Review: Shining Like a Super Star.” is a review of the newest Mario Party game. The reviewer talks about the new minigames and how they are different from past games in the series. Reference: mario party superstars minigames.

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