Mario Party Superstars Skeleton Key Guide is a new game for everyone, no matter their skill level. This guide will teach you how to unlock all of the secret characters and skills in this Mario Party spinoff.

The “skeleton key party” is a game that was released on October 27th, 2018. It is the first Mario Party game to be released on mobile devices. The game has been receiving mixed reviews from critics and players alike.

Despite its small size and low price, the Mario Party Superstars Skeleton Key is one of the most significant objects in the game. You won’t always need a Skeleton Key, but you’ll undoubtedly wish you had one when the time comes.

Fortunately, when you’re not betraying your buddies, Mario Party Superstars is all about having a good time, and Skeleton Keys are simple to come by.

In Mario Party Superstars, how can you get the Skeleton Key?

The Skeleton Key may be obtained from one of Toad’s Shops on a board or as a reward in an Item Space or Lucky Space event. Toad sells them for three coins each, so unless you have something more helpful (and additional money), like as a Golden Pipe or a Boo Bell, it’s worth having one on hand.

Buying one is also preferable than stealing one using a Plunder Chest. When pilfering, it’s usually better to go for the valuable stuff or items that aren’t in Toad’s Shop, unless your adversaries have no other intriguing items to speak of.


In Mario Party Superstars, What Are Skeleton Keys Used For?

Skeleton Keys are the sole means to unlock the numerous closed gates you’ll come across on each board (such as those circled above). A single key opens just one gate, hence they are one-time use objects.

Behind Skeleton Key doors, you’ll frequently discover fortunate spots or other desirables. Unless you want to land on as many event spots as possible, they aren’t normally necessary. 

However, chance isn’t always on your side, as the Star’s new position is hidden by Skeleton Key barriers. To get there, you’ll obviously need a key or a Golden Pipe, albeit the pipes are significantly more costly.

That’s all there is to know about Mario Party Superstars Skeleton Keys, but for additional information, see our other Mario Party Superstars tutorials.

Mario Party Superstars Skeleton Key Guide is a guide for the Mario Party Superstars video game. It includes information on how to unlock all of the levels and characters, as well as tips and tricks to help you win. Reference: sm64 spin drift.

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