Jon Taffer, owner of the Taffer Bar Rescue, was called upon by Marshawn Lynch to rescue the “Beast Mode” Bar in Oakland. The bar was in need of some Taffer TLC, as Lynch said, “This bar is run by a group of professional athletes and they are not business leaders. You can feel the negative energy in this bar. I want to bring a sense of calm and energy to this place.”

Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch’s reputation precedes him. If you’ve ever seen Lynch in action, you know that he’s a bit of a hothead. Lynch is known to get into verbal arguments with Raiders’ head coach, Dennis Allen. On Wednesday night, he got into a scuffle with a Raiders’ equipment manager, before demanding that he be allowed to speak with Allen. Lynch is also known to talk to and visit with his dog, “Princess”, during games as he runs on the field.

The former Oakland Raider ran into an unusual problem this week: He was trapped in a bar in New Jersey. He couldn’t hold his liquor, and it got him in trouble with the law. That, and he was using the wrong kind of restroom. Fortunately, Oakland Raiders’ star running back Marshawn Lynch had already retained the services of Long Island’s best weapon against mischievous barflies: Jon Taffer.. Read more about marshawn lynch bar still open and let us know what you think.

Marshawn Lynch is a pro at running the ball. He accomplished it 2,453 times, the most recent time in 2019 with the Seattle Seahawks. Over the course of 12 NFL seasons, Lynch worked with a variety of position coaches, but he didn’t need much instruction.

Lynch, on the other hand, has only ever owned one bar. As a result, when the company’s bank account began to lose money, Lynch had to hire a turnaround expert.

Jon Taffer and the team from ‘Bar Rescue’ arrived in town to help Marshawn Lynch.

Richard Sherman of the San Francisco 49ers and Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks talk during their game at CenturyLink Field on Dec. 29, 2019 in Seattle, Washington. | Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Richard Sherman of the San Francisco 49ers and Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks talk during their game at CenturyLink Field on Dec. 29, 2019 in Seattle, Washington. | Abbie Parr/Getty Images The San Francisco 49ers’ Richard Sherman and the Seattle Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch chat during their game at CenturyLink Field on December 29, 2019 in Seattle, Washington. | Getty Images/Abbie Parr

For almost a decade, the Paramount Network and its predecessors have shown Bar Rescue. Fans of the program, in which Jon Tapper helps struggling bar and restaurant owners turn their companies around, may sometimes be identified by their Tapper impersonations:

“Turn it off! “Turn it off right now!”

The show’s producers’ strategy is to locate pubs that are in difficulty due to inept management, warring co-owners, or both. With the zeal of a football coach doing two-a-days, Taffer storms in, hurling expletives at the offending parties, and unleashes his food and beverage specialists to educate the workers.

Since Taffer created the NFL Sunday Ticket idea in 1994, which placed him on the board of directors for NFL Enterprises, the football metaphor has taken on a new meaning. Lynch invited Tapper to come to his Oakland bar, Rob Ben’s, for an episode of Bar Rescue because of his excellent bartending credentials.

Marshawn Lynch’s Oakland tavern was run by his family.


Jon-Taffer-1024x706 Since its premiere on television in 2011, Jon Taffer has served as the presenter and co-executive producer of ‘Bar Rescue.’ | WireImage/Gabe Ginsberg

Lynch was paid $56.7 million throughout his NFL career, during which he ran for 10,413 yards and caught 287 receptions for a total of $56.7 million. When the Seahawks beat the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 48, he was awarded a ring. Lynch used part of his endorsement and salary money to buy a company in 2018 that he called Rob Ben’s after a dead childhood buddy.

Lynch wasn’t in charge of day-to-day operations since he was still in the NFL when he purchased the business, but his brother and a number of other family did. Despite constant traffic, the restaurant was losing money, owing to free beverages and excessive pouring. Rob Ben’s is expected to lose $190,000 each year, according to Tapper, who blames inattentive workers for the company’s downfall.

Taffer saw a bartender behind the bar sipping a beer at one point. When he told Lynch about it, she said, “Somebody back there doesn’t give a f—.”

Taffer is known for his lack of tolerance with such indifference, but he was unusually kind with Lynch, possibly due to the player’s star status or his own love of football. It didn’t hurt, however, since the program featuring a sports celebrity would almost certainly draw a bigger viewership.

Lynch stated, “I thought he was going to walk in and tear everyone apart.” “And that’s exactly what I was looking for at the moment. I expected some resistance from our employees, but ultimately everyone saw things his way.”

The episode’s stars have mutual regard for one another. v=IXfJUTU15UE

The majority of the problems Taffer discovered had to do with employee conduct, not the poor, possibly hazardous cleaning that is so prevalent in Bar Rescue episodes. The kitchen was in chaos because one of Lynch’s aunts was ill. One of the bartenders was doing an obscene rap act for the crowd.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Taffer stated, “When you walk into a situation like this, it’s a duty, not a rescue.” “Marshawn approached this with the proper intentions. It was a community-driven project, not a profit-driven one.”

Overall, Taffer and his experienced experts found it to be a simple repair.

Lynch teased Taffer, saying, “You could have been an OK coach in the league.”

True, but Lynch would have been OK without Taffer’s assistance on the field.

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On Sunday, Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch attended a Fashion District bar-mitzvah. He celebrated the rite of passage with his mother at her bar-mitzvah, but this time he had — and needed — the help of Jon Taffer, the host of Bar Rescue on Spike TV.. Read more about is rob ben’s still open and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Marshawn Lynch Do Bar Rescue?

Marshawn Lynch did not do Bar Rescue.

Is Bar Rescue real or staged?

Bar Rescue is a reality TV show that follows the life of Jon Taffer as he attempts to turn failing bars around.

Do bars have to pay to be on Bar Rescue?

Yes, bars have to pay a fee in order to be on Bar Rescue.

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