The Chicago Bears’ new head coach has been making waves since he walked into Halas Hall. He’s brought a lot of hope for a change in the culture and some promise for the team’s future, but it appears that his job might not be safe after all.

Matt Nagy’s confusing job update casts even greater doubt on the Chicago Bears’ future. The team has gone from a Super Bowl contender to an afterthought in just one year. Read more in detail here: matt nagy.

Matt Nagy's Confusing Job Update Casts Even Greater Doubt on the Chicago Bears' Future

With a 6-10 record entering the last week of the regular season, the Chicago Bears are a team in desperate need of a makeover. Chicago has had a poor season from start to finish, prompting some angry supporters to put the fault at experienced head coach Matt Nagy.

Nagy has had a difficult season, particularly when it comes to his management of the Bears’ quarterback position. Despite signing fan favorite rookie quarterback Justin Fields in the spring, Nagy has focused his attention on veteran journeyman Andy Dalton.

When evaluating the success of such a plan, the Bears’ current win-loss record speaks for itself.

In Chicago, Matt Nagy is on his final legs.

Bears HC Matt Nagy.

Bears HC Matt Nagy. Quinn Harris/Getty Images/Matt Nagy

When Nagy was recruited by the Bears in 2018, he had a very good start. He coached his squad to a 12-4 record and was named Coach of the Year in the league. The success train, however, came to a halt at that point. Nagy’s Bears had a first-round exit in 2018 to the Nick Foles-led Eagles, then finished with an 8-8 record the following two years.

Despite an 8-8 record, Nagy and the Bears made the playoffs in 2020. They were, however, eliminated in the first round once again.

Former starting quarterback Mitchell Trubisky was blamed for many of Nagy’s failures over the last three seasons. However, it’s difficult to say who was more at fault after watching how Nagy managed Justin Fields’ growth. In Chicago, Trubisky was never the solution, and Nagy isn’t either.

Nagy was expected to be fired after Thanksgiving, according to rumors that arose earlier this year. Obviously, this did not occur. However, it seems like the group will examine the proposal in the coming weeks. The veteran HC is nearing the end of his career.

Matt Nagy provided a perplexing update.

Matt Nagy claims he has not been informed that Sunday’s game will be his last as head coach of the #Bears.

He adds, “I’m a really excellent source to ask.”

January 5, 2022 — Adam Hoge (@AdamHoge)

While Nagy’s termination seems to be a foregone conclusion at this time, when questioned about his employment situation earlier this week, the Bears’ head coach provided a rather misleading update.

He maintains he hasn’t been notified he’ll be fired (ProFootballTalk), which is precisely what he said when asked about his employment situation around Thanksgiving.

This might just be Nagy and the Bears trying to keep internal matters internal until the conclusion of the season. Other NFL clubs, on the other hand, have gotten a head start on the coach-hiring process. The Bears’ choices will deteriorate the longer they wait.

Moving ahead, the Bears must have a definite strategy.

Justin Fields will start against the #Vikings on Sunday, according to Matt Nagy.

January 5, 2022 — Brad Biggs (@BradBiggs)

The Bears need to have a more clear strategy going forward after three years of treading water in the NFC. The Bears, starting with the quarterback position, want someone who can assist Justin Fields in his development and growth.

While Fields’ performance was unquestionably harmed by Nagy’s coaching this season, it was far from encouraging. He had a lot of trouble at times.

Starting with a proven offensive mind such as Doug Pederson would be a good place to start. Pederson was seen at Bears workouts last summer after doing an excellent job grooming Carson Wentz in 2017. If/when Nagy is fired, he’d be an ideal target.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

Joe Burrow’s ability to think like a ‘trained assassin,’ according to ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky, is what makes him so special.

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