The Broncos have made an appearance in Super Bowl LIII, and the Panthers are sitting at home while they wait for their next opportunity to make a comeback. They still need some work as they squeeze out wins against weaker competition but should be much more competitive than last year when Rhule was with them.

Matt Rhule's Brainless Response When Asked About OT Rashawn Slater Proves the Panthers Are Due for More Misery in 2022

The Carolina Panthers are coming off a disastrous 2021 season, and while clubs all around the NFL are firing their below-average head coaches, it looks like Matt Rhule will be retained by the Panthers for at least another season.

Rhule’s first experience leading an NFL club has not been pleasant, despite being one of the most sought-after coaching prospects less than two years ago. He’s led the Panthers to back-to-back losing seasons, including a 1-8 run in the last nine games of the 2021 season.

The Panthers’ difficulties are centered on Matt Rhule’s weak offensive strategy.

Panthers HC Matt Rhule.

Panthers HC Matt Rhule. Grant Halverson/Getty Images/Matt Rhule

In 2021, a number of things went wrong for the Panthers. Rhule and his shoddy offensive system, on the other hand, are at the root of their problems. Despite being a very successful play-caller in college, his ability to plan an offense in the NFL has not transferred.

In 2021, the Panthers’ offense provided the third-fewest offensive yards, fourth-fewest points, and second-worst anticipated points. Carolina’s offense had a dreadful season no matter how you look at it.

Most Panthers supporters are disappointed by the team’s lack of a real franchise quarterback. Rhule, on the other hand, had a few offensive flaws that needed to be addressed. He had trouble using all of his wide receivers, the running game was erratic, and the offensive line battled against above-average pass pressures.

Matt Rhule still hasn’t figured out how to put together an offensive line.

Rhule’s primary priority coming into the summer is figuring out the quarterback situation. Cam Newton is unlikely to return, and Sam Darnold did not perform well enough to earn a spot as the starting quarterback. However, bolstering the offensive line is just as critical as finding a new quarterback.

The only issue is that Rhule seems to be clueless when it comes to evaluating offensive line talent.

When asked why the Panthers passed on Los Angeles Chargers offensive tackle Rashawn Slater (who was an All-Pro this past season), Rhule had an odd response. He argued Slater was too little to play tackle in the NFL, despite the fact that he started at tackle for the whole season for the Rams.

Rhule is definitely attempting to redeem himself after his draft-day gaffe (the Panthers should have taken Slater or a QB). This response, on the other hand, screams of someone who is clueless when it comes to evaluating and identifying offensive line ability.

With Rhule in charge, how are the Panthers going to rehabilitate this part of their organization?

In 2022, the Panthers are in for yet another terrible season.

Matt Rhule said that the Panthers had Sam Darnold ranked in the same category as Justin Fields and Mac Jones.#Bears fans have to be happy Carolina can’t evaluate QB talent.

— Jacob Infante (@jacobinfante24) January 13, 2022

During the offseason, terrible clubs’ optimism is always at an all-time high. When it comes to Rhule and the Panthers, though, seeing the light is difficult.

After dismissing Joe Brady, they’re still looking for a new offensive coordinator, and Rhule seems to be no closer to grasping the NFL than he was a few months ago.

Unless Rhule experiences a spiritual transformation in the next weeks, the Panthers are in for another difficult, loss-filled season in 2022.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

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