The Bulls had just defeated the Knicks in their regular season game, and Jordan had come out on the bench to celebrate his victory. Jordan was then approached by three of his teammates, who had decided to affirm his status as the greatest basketball player of all time by starting a conversation with him.

A couple of years ago, an interview with Michael Jordan was published in The Players Tribune. In it, a young writer asked him about the most ridiculous things that had been said to him in a locker room. Jordan’s response was “You can go to the Bulls game tonight, and in the middle of the first quarter you can just go up and say, ‘Hey, you suck.’”

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Over the course of his career, Michael Jordan has developed a double-edged reputation. On the one hand, His Majesty was incredibly talented. The Chicago Bulls star could apparently do anything on the field and had the silver medals to prove it. But behind the scenes, he may not have been the best teammate and went after anyone who didn’t meet his high standards. Take, for example, an anecdote from the 1998 NBA season. With one vulgar remark, Jordan eliminated three of his Bulls teammates. In addition, the photographer was present, meaning the story eventually became public.

Michael Jordan knew how to say.

. COMPARED TO: Michael Jordan once bought 7 cars from a dealer, but only kept the big black Mercedesfor himself. When you think of His Airspeed’s professional qualities, his skills in the field come to the fore. Jordan knew a thing or two about dirt. As a child, MJ sharpened his rivalry by fighting with his brother Larry. Even as he ascended and received championships and individual honors, his inner fire never waned. As we saw at Last Dance, Jordan took everything to heart and did what it took to win. In some situations, it has proven to be anything but a dumpster. In a competitive environment, no one is immune to Jordan’s verbal attacks. Whether you’re an opponent, a member of the Chicago Bulls team, or even Bill Clinton, His Majesty didn’t mind. Good or bad, he only knew one way to do things.

Names three Chicago Bulls with a devastating one-word statement

word-image-16453 word-image-16454 Michael Jordan and Luke Longley sit on the bench during a Chicago Bulls game. | John Gichigi: Allsport COMPARED TO: Michael Jordan is so competitive he had his son call home after a 1-1 game: Daddy is nagging me As mentioned earlier, Bulls teammates were not immune to Jordan’s rude comments. Three players remembered this reality for one day in 1998. In Sports Illustrated of 2011, Walter Iooss Jr. told many stories about Her Highness while working as a sports photographer. While many of them show the human side of the Bulls star, some give a glimpse of the Jordan that basketball fans have come to know. Michael was inconsiderate in a funny way, but he said it like it is, Iooss said. In 1998, the Bulls had Joe Klein, Luke Longley and Bill Wennington as centers. One day Michael was in the practice room after practice, and I sat there while he iced the place. The three centers passed, and Jordan said: You know who I should play with? This question was not rhetorical. He looked straight at her and said: One and a half meters of shit, the photographer remembers.

It all worked out for Michael Jordan in the end

. COMPARED TO: Michael Jordan appreciated Phil Jackson’s ability to wake him up with a biting remark While it’s impossible to read the tone of Jordan’s written comments, everything we know about his Airborne indicates that he didn’t play with some of his favorite teammates. But in the end, everything worked out for him and the Bulls. To be fair, Klein and Wennington were not in the Bulls’ lineup to complete the roster: None of them have had more than 10 minutes a night this season. Longley, meanwhile, started 58 games and was the team’s fourth-leading scorer. He may have been more of a role player than a world leader, but he wasn’t bad. Regardless of the talent of these three big men, the Bulls still won the NBA title this summer. This is Jordan’s sixth championship, and he’s riding off into the sunset with the Larry O’Brien Trophy. Only His Majesty can call his three center twenty-one foot shit and still win the NBA title. statistics provided by Basketball-Reference

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