In a recent press conference, NFL Network’s Mike Mayock was asked about Oakland Raiders head coach Jon Gruden and quarterback Derek Carr’s recent “marriage”. Mayock’s response? “Why don’t you go ask the player?”

I’ve got a little surprise for you all today. A friend of mine noticed that the Raiders head coach, Jon Gruden, and his quarterback, Derek Carr, are now married. That’s right. The stars are finally aligned, and the supermoon made it possible. (I’m not writing this article just because I’m a Gruden fan—I’m writing it because that sounds like an interesting and funny topic.)

The Raiders are in a good position right now, but it’s all about what Gruden and Carr can do over the course of their career together. If the Raiders are going to give Gruden the big money he wants, he needs to have a successful team. And if the Raiders are going to give Carr the big money he wants, he needs to become a franchise quarterback.

In the three-year marriage of Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr and head coach Jon Gruden, there has been no honeymoon or, to put it another way, exciting activity.

All you need to know about the lows is the team’s 19-29 record over the past three years, which includes some amazing last-minute comeback wins. In an effort to play up the quarterback-head coach connection, general manager Mike Mayock unintentionally revealed how terrible things truly are behind the scenes.

Derek Carr and Jon Gruden have a “corny marriage,” according to Mike Mayock.

Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr (4) and Raiders head coach Jon Gruden.

Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr (4) and Raiders head coach Jon Gruden. General manager Mike Mayock of the Las Vegas Raiders delivered an unsatisfactory message regarding quarterback Derek Carr and head coach Jon Gruden’s relationship | Matthew J. Lee/Getty Images

The Raiders have had many chances to trade Carr and start over at quarterback, whether via the draft or by bringing in a veteran who Gruden believes can accomplish for him what Brad Johnson did for him in Tampa Bay: win a Super Bowl.

Unless Carr is injured, the Raiders will almost likely reach Super Bowl 56 with Carr at the helm. However, this is a club that has only made one postseason appearance since the 2002 season started, so pardon us if we are pessimistic about their prospects of winning the Super Bowl.

What about the claims that Carr and Gruden don’t get along or have a good relationship? Mayock recently revealed how the two are getting along better than ever in comments recorded by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. 

According to Mayock, they’re even finishing one other’s sentences! What an amazing prospect.

“It’s like a corny marriage,” she says. It’s very amusing. Derek’s recall is incredible. I’m not sure whether he has a photographic memory or not. Jon has a lot on his plate, and he manages to keep it all in order. He’s improved every year in the two seasons I’ve been here. I’m looking forward to seeing where he can take this.”

Carr and Gruden’s relationship might have been characterized in a variety of ways, but “corny marriage” would do the job better than any other PG-13 word.

Mayock isn’t exactly helping the Carr and Gruden storylines.

Since Jon Gruden came over as head coach, Derek Carr has been the best quarterback in the league.

68.86 percent of students completed the course (3rd in NFL) yds passed — 12,206 (8th) TD pass — 67 (t-13th) 98.6 percent of people passed the exam (t-8th) 7.71 YPA YPA YPA YPA YPA YPA (11th)

Despite starting all 48 games, the Raiders are 19-29.

*Attempts must total 1,000#Raiders

July 17, 2021 — Jeff Kerr (@JeffKerrCBS)

Mayock’s feared public vote of confidence in Carr and Gruden being on the “same page” can only indicate one thing: they aren’t.

The Raiders have much too much skill to go 19-29 in Gruden’s three seasons. Unlike the Tom Cable and Dennis Allen eras, the Raiders now have a genuine franchise quarterback capable of passing for 400 yards and four touchdowns or 200 yards, one score, and zero interceptions.

People don’t realize how close Carr and Gruden are, Carr remarked earlier this summer, which may be true. But, if that’s the case, why do Raiders officials continually attempting to persuade the public otherwise? Actions and wins are much more powerful than words.

Mayock’s usage of the phrase “corny relationship” gives the idea that Carr and Gruden have a strained relationship. No one expects them to be best friends, but would anybody notice or complain if they hated each other outside of the three hours that the game is being played?

Carr and the Raiders must pull things together if they are to return to the playoffs.

Carr or Mayock will be the Raiders’ next free agent signing. Alternatively, depending on the outcome, both of them may be gone. Gruden’s job security is thanks to a 10-year, $100 million deal he signed in 2018.

Carr’s current deal has two seasons left on it, and he’s still producing at a high level. To put it another way, the Raiders must do all they can to guarantee that they are in contention for a playoff spot in autumn. It will be tough to catch Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs for the AFC West title, but nothing will stop the Raiders from becoming one of the AFC’s three wild-card teams.

Forget about a “corny friendship” or bragging about how close the two are to their followers at home. If Carr and Gruden have any unresolved issues with one another, they should put it behind them and concentrate on winning 10 or 11 of their remaining 17 games.

Carr’s tenure with the Silver and Black has been essentially squandered by the Raiders. However, they still have at least one more season to get beyond the foolishness and focus all of their efforts on a winning season. Raiders supporters would even put up with them finishing one other’s sentences if it means getting to see a Super Bowl parade.

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