It all started when someone posted a YouTube video of a fellow Minecraft player using a Bed (from the game) to kill the Enderdragon. Everyone at the office thought it was hilarious, and then they went on to see it on Youtube again and again. The game developer company, Mojang, didn’t see the humor in it, and they immediately had the video removed from the internet; however, the internet never forgets.

In Minecraft, the Enderdragon is a dragon that looks like a giant squid. It’s a boss, and you have to kill it to complete the game. The Enderdragon is a powerful enemy that’s hard to kill, but if you manage to do it, you’ll be rewarded with “ender pearls” which can be used to upgrade your weapons and armor. You can get these pearls from the Enderman himself, who is constantly appearing in the game world, as well as the Ender dragon itself.

word-image-10154 MinecraftThe developers at Mojang have long added traps to the game to kill players who tried to fall asleep in the Nether of End. When interacting with them, they immediately exploded and could kill anyone who wasn’t properly protected. Experienced players can now avoid these traps by using these beds to defeat the Enderdragon. This method of destroying the Enderdragon is very cheap, but it is the method that fast runners choose because it is incredibly fast and easy. Due to differences in the behavior of dragons in the Bedrock edition, the modifications described in this guide are for the Java version of the game.

How to kill an Enderdragon with Beds

word-image-10155 To kill Enderdragon with the beds, you need the beds. New users should bring 12-15 beds. These beds can be stolen from the houses in the village or madewith only three woolen cloths and three wooden boards. In addition to the beds, you should also bring cobblestones, a bow and arrow, a bucket of water in case you anger the Endermen, a pickaxe, and food. While not absolutely necessary, it is recommended that you remove the crystals from the obsidian pillars at the end before attacking the dragon with the beds. Those crystals a dragon can use to restore itshealth. Use your bow and arrow to destroy the crystals. You can also approach the crystals and hit them to destroy them. However, the explosion can injure you or cause a long fall. crystals, encased iniron rods, can be shot from the ground. Just aim through the holes in the corners of the cages. When you’re done with the crystals, go to well with stones in the middle of the island and place a piece of boulder on the third block from the top, directly under the torches. This is the block you’re going to stand on. Bedsare placed on the rock above you. word-image-10156 Stand at a safe distance, watching the dragon and dodging its attacks. Make sure your hot plate is filled with ninebeds. Finally, the dragon flies right over the pit and begins to slowly descend into it. You know the dragon is descending when it suddenly moves sideways, right above you. As soon as you see the kite flying in a downward spiral, stretch out and jump onto the pavement. word-image-10157 Wait for the dragon to reach the lowest point of its descent and climb up a few blocks above shaft. Touch the bed when the head is as close to the bed cushion as possible to cause maximum damage. Immediately jump up and put another bed in the same place and let him jump when his head is next to it. With as many beds as you brought, you should have no trouble killing the Enderdragon. You don’t need to buy any armor, bows and swords. All you need is some wood and wool, and you can destroy Minecraft’s final boss in minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you kill the Ender Dragon with beds?

Enderdragon, coming from the Wither Storm, which is a hostile enchantment from the Ender Dragon, has been a problem since Minecraft’s beginning, and there have been many ways to kill the Enderdragon. This text is sensitive. Try generating new copy.

Can you kill the Ender Dragon with beds in bedrock?

One of the most popular mods to this day, Beds in Bedrock, is a mod which adds beds to the bedrock generation. When you use this mod, you can find an Enderdragon sleeping in a bed within the end portal. When you kill the Enderdragon, it turns into a bed, which can then be placed by you, your friends and anyone in the end. So, if you’re looking for a way to kill the Enderdragon with beds in bedrock, this is probably the best method. Enderdragon is the biggest threat in the ender world. It is a massive dragon which can destroy your entire base in one attack. Until now, there was a way to kill it but it was not possible to kill it. Now there is a way to kill the Enderdragon.

What is the easiest way to defeat the Ender Dragon?

Ender dragon is a very difficult ender mob to defeat. We’ve all tried to kill it in Minecraft, but it is almost always impossible. There are many strategies and tactics that we have tried, but none of those really work. This blog is going to show you the easiest way to kill the Ender Dragon with beds. The Ender Dragon, the first boss of “Minecraft”, has terrified and frustrated players for years, but this week, it finally succombed. Over a million players came together to destroy this monster of a boss, and it looks like they did it in the most epic fashion possible.

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