The latest installment in the Monster Hunter series, Rise of the Hunters is not only a great game to play but unlocks tons of different weapons and armor that can be crafted into your own unique items. It’s also one of Capcoms most mature games yet which means it’s suitable for teens with parental consent as well.

The “monster hunter rise electro sac” is a new monster that can be found in the game. It has an electric attack and is difficult to defeat.

Fulgurbug is required for a few weapons and weapon formulas in Monster Hunter Rise, and obtaining them isn’t easy. To get your hands on these bugs, you’ll have to farm everyone’s favorite electric kid, but there is a way to making it simpler.

In Monster Hunter Rise, how do you get Fulgurbug?

When you shatter Zinogre’s components, there’s a possibility he’ll drop Fulgurbugs. There’s also a possibility of getting Fulgarbug as a prize for finishing the objective at the conclusion of a hunt.

The possibility of catching a Fulgarbug is proportional to the Zinogre’s rank.


A Low Rank Zinogre from the Village or Hub has a 17% chance of awarding Fulgurbug and a 20% chance of dropping it as in-hunt material.


Zinogre of High Rank has reduced drop rates for all commodities shared by the two Ranks. A Fulgurbug has a 12 percent chance of appearing at the conclusion of a High Rank task and a 15% chance of being dropped.

However, there is a different method to farm Fulgurbugs inside a Monster Hunter Rise quest. You may harvest from Zinogre instead of killing it if you put it to sleep or somehow obtain access to its back. You’ll be able to extract four or five Fulgarbugs from the beast’s fur as it sleeps.

This has no effect on the number of Fulgurbug you can acquire through drops or prizes, so if you absolutely must have every single Fulgurbug, put the thunder puppy to sleep before burying him.

You may also use the (Very) Hap-Peanut Dango to increase your end-of-quest prizes. Yomogi the Chef may periodically ask you to assist her with tasks.

The Hap-Peanut is awarded by completing the level 4 Village quest “Getting Back the Groceries,” which occasionally improves prizes. The Very Hap-Peanut Dango is awarded for completing the level 7 quest “A Quartet of Horns,” which has you hunting a pair of High Rank Diablos.

These won’t always be accessible as Daily Dango, but when they are, use a Dango Ticket to guarantee the effect triggers. Other material drops, such as Warm Pelt, Kamura Tickets, Sinister Cloth, and more, are covered in our Monster Hunter Rise guides center. Expect lots more from us in the future, especially with the Sunbreak expansion on the horizon.

The “monster hunter rise monster broth” is a bug that can be found in the game. The bug will give you the Fulgurbug, which is a new monster to hunt.

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