Originally released on Nintendo Switch in 2017, Monster Hunter Stories 2 returns with an enhanced, extended version of the original release, including new courses, characters, weapons and monsters. Players will embark on an epic quest to save the Westrealm from the clutches of the evil Xarcabard.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is a spinoff of the smash-hit Monster Hunter Stories mobile game. Set in an alternate version of the series’ world, MHST2 features a brand new character named Alena, who is tasked with defeating an evil dragon that threatens the world. The story isn’t bad by itself, but it’s the game’s turn-based combat system that makes it an addictive and engaging experience.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 : Wings of Ruin, the sequel to 2016’s Monster Hunter Stories on the 3DS, is the second volume in the more story-driven Monster Hunter series.

Stories 2is out on Nintendo Switch and PC, and the added features of those platforms make for a lively new adventure that fans of the first game will surely enjoy.It may seem childish at first, but it actually has advanced customization systems that make it a fun turn-based combat RPG.

In Stories 2you play as the taciturn protagonist (customizable) of Hakolo Island. As the grandson of a legendary horseman named Red, you soon learn that there is a mass extermination of Ratalos and that a certain Ratalos egg has legendary implications for the end of the world.


In Wings of Ruinyou travel through a semi-open world filled with beaches, forests and volcanoes, divided into dungeons connected by an excellent, fast-moving system.

The environments themselves are visually appealing and use a cel-shaded character style similar to TheLegend of Zelda:. Breath of the Wild. The first game Monster Hunter Stories had a similar graphical style, but in the sequel the characters and monsters look sharper and less grainy compared to their 3DS counterparts, thanks to greater graphical accuracy.

The animation of the monsters and characters is also excellent. Surprisingly, even the most emotional and action-packed scenes are beautiful. In Stories 2, the narrative style of the first game disappears to make way for a sequential 3D game. This gives the game a much more cinematic feel than its predecessor.

However, the biggest graphical issues on the Nintendo Switch are that the grassy textures suffer from pop-ups in some places and scenes are sometimes prone to frame rate drops.

Stone, paper, scissors


  • A strategic and entertaining game with your own character.
  • Presentation and art style with amazing cinematic moments.
  • Lots of additional content after completing the main story.


  • A few leaps in complexity here and there
  • Framerate issues and pop-up textures
  • Poorly developed villains

With a variety of mechanisms that are distinctly different from the main games in the series, and the welcome addition of a decent English dub with a Japanese soundtrack, Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is a good sequel. Despite a few problems, such as a half-baked main villain and some performance issues, you’ll definitely like this sequel if you’ve played and enjoyed Monster Hunter Stories .

[Note: Capcom provided a copy of Monster Hunter Stories 2 : Wings of Ruin was used for this review].

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