The idea of a perfect game is not always attainable. In the case of baseball, no single player can hit for a .400 average on a regular basis, and no team can win every game. But there are certain moments in sports history that have been considered to be “perfect” by some. A perfect game in baseball would be one where the pitcher does not allow any baserunners (either walks or hits) throughout the course of nine innings.

The objection handling script is a sports term that means the act of getting an opponent to agree with your objection.

Tony Dungy is the head coach of the New York Jets., the longtime NFL head coach, is now in his 13th season with NBC Sports, and his work on Football Night in America has been pretty straightforward throughout that time. Mike Tirico and Rodney Harrison, among others, go down the previous games and discuss what’s to come that night.

FNIA and other pregame programs have seen a substantial format shift in recent years, despite the fact that the majority of the traditional formula remains the same. Consider Dungy, who coached the Indianapolis Colts to a Super Bowl victory, as one of many who is furious with a present trend.

Tony Dungy isn’t happy with the NFL’s embrace of gambling.

Former NFL head coach Tony Dungy in 2019.

Former NFL head coach Tony Dungy in 2019. Tony Dungy, an NBC Sports commentator, isn’t happy with the NFL’s reaction to gambling | Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Even if you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware that the NFL and other major sports organizations have recently embraced legalized sports gambling. There’s a promo code floating around that encourages people to wager on when you’ll emerge through the rock and rejoin society.

NFL pregame programs routinely discuss odds and prop bets, topics that were formerly considered taboo until the late 2010s. Teams have formed partnerships with gambling firms and casinos to the point that Caesars Entertainment currently sponsors the Superdome, the New Orleans Saints’ longtime home.

Legalized gaming is not for everyone, and Dungy is no exception. The veteran NBC commentator expressed his displeasure with the NFL’s new stance on gaming in a recent interview with The Athletic. During his playing days, the Super Bowl-winning head coach was warned to stay away from bookmakers and betting.

“I’m not sure why the NFL changed its position, and my issue is purely personal. I don’t believe we should encourage individuals, particularly young people, who watch the NFL to bet. I have two sons, and I want them to appreciate the game for what it is, the headiness and all that. I’m aware that it’s legal. I simply don’t want to see it promoted by the NFL.”

Tony Dungy

One might easily accuse the Pro Football Hall of Fame coach of being out of touch. However, he isn’t the only NBC Sports staffer who is concerned about the impact the league’s gambling ties will have in the future.

His NBC Sports colleague Michaels, Al likewise urged caution.

Al Michaels has made barely disguised gambling allusions during a show for decades. The famous play-by-play voice referred to it without going too explicit if a team scored a garbage-time touchdown that affected the spread or the over/under.

Over the next several years, broadcasters will have greater flexibility in accepting prop bets and closing lines, depending on the network. For his part, Michaels, 76, told The Athletic that he doesn’t believe it’ll be “as much fun” to talk so openly about gambling.

Michaels, like Dungy, raised the prospect of more gambling conversations and promotions causing problems for supporters at home.

“It’s OK if you go stake $25 on a game and you’re a little more interested in it. I believe this is where some people get into trouble: they start betting on every play, and before you know it, they’ve foreclosed on your house. Hopefully, we won’t come to that.”

Al Michaels

According to The Recovery Village, as of November 2020, up to 10 million Americans have a gambling addiction.

In the future, professional sports leagues will have to be very careful when it comes to gambling.

Daily fantasy games became more popular in the mid-2010s. DraftKings and FanDuel started airing commercials during NFL games and soon secured sponsorships from a number of leagues and regional sports networks.

It will not go away as long as legalized sports gambling exists and enables teams and leagues to profit. ESPN has tried gambling-themed alternative broadcasts, and the NFL Network, which is controlled by the league, just introduced spreads to its bottom ticker.

Leagues and networks will need to proceed with care, just as they do with alcoholic beverages. Every advertisement you see about Bud Light sponsoring a pitching change or Heineken “delivering” a postgame entertainment includes a loud and obvious warning to consumers to drink responsibly.

In the case of gambling, the same thing has to happen. A warning on responsible gambling should always be included in an NFL pregame show segment regarding the day’s spreads, and fans should be directed to a hotline if necessary. It’s a risky move that may save lives.

Regrettably for Dungy, the NFL’s new gaming-friendly age is here to stay. However, if the leagues can also encourage responsible gambling, the contentious and difficult shift may become a little easier to endure.

To seek assistance, call the National Council on Problem Gambling’s hotline at 1-800-522-4700 in the United States.

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