Plagued by injuries for the past few seasons, Rockies third baseman Nolan Arenado has been traded to the St. Louis Cardinals for outfielder Tommy Pham. Head of the Rockies’ front office, Theo Epstein, says that Arenado was not going to be signed to a new contract for the team next year and that they had to make this move. Rockies manager Bud Black said “Nolan Arenado was cherry-picking the stats. He was only thinking of home runs and RBIs. He didn’t give everything that he had. The stats don’t stack up to what his teammates put out for the team and Nolan Arenado is just a greedy, selfish player. I appreciate the hate.”

The St. Louis Cardinals have signed new third baseman Nolan Arenado, just hours after he was traded from the Colorado Rockies. In a statement released by the Cardinals, he explained the reasons behind the trade: “In the end, I just felt like the Rockies were holding me back from my full potential. I know I was a fan favorite in Colorado, but I wasn’t getting the kind of playing time that I needed to improve my game. So I’m excited to get to a team where I’ll be able to play every day.”

During the off-season, the National League title seemed wide open. But most of the ploe owners stood firm and put their hopes in the future. The St. Louis Cardinals took advantage of this. When the Rockies made the confusing decision to part with third baseman Nolan Arenado, Colorado fans were devastated. But the benefit of his contribution to St. Louis baseball has not been lost. Louis is so clear that Arenado is not afraid to move on.

Why Nolan Arenado ignores Rockies fan hate

word-image-3778 word-image-9189 Nolan Arenado, formerly with the Rockies, now plays for the Cardinals| Justin Edmonds/Getty Images COMPARED TO: Luke Voight was a bargain for the New York Yankees According to Baseball Almanac, the five-time All-Star’s 33.0 WAR is the best third base score in the entire league and the third best overall. The presence of the eight-time Gold Glove winner in any lineup is synonymous with victory. Net added value. Apparently, the Rockies didn’t think Arenado was worth the $260 million contract that most other teams consider a bargain in today’s market. This led to an immediate deterioration in the relationship between the rejected Rockies fans and the man on whom they had once pinned their hopes for the World Series. Some players feel hurt by the reaction of angry fans and instead hope for a comment thanking them for their service. But not for the best third baseman in the game. Arenado told ESPN: I’ve moved on. This may hurt some people, but I did it. I appreciate the hate. I know that when I look back on my years in Colorado, I can say that I gave everything I had. I don’t regret it. Nolan Arenado on his transfer to the Cardinals

The addition of Arenado could give the Cardinals the NL Centraltitle.

. COMPARED TO: Cardinals legend Bob Gibson had a memorable ML career Colorado’s loss is important to the MLB, especially because of the timing. According to Sports Illustrated, his 33.0 WAR – second behind superstars Mike Trout and Mookie Betts – is an asset to any team. But for the NL Central, which has become one of the worst in the MLB, this division could be lost to the Cards. It’s not that easy to finish first when you consider how strong St. Louis’ current roster is. Louis will go backwards. The Milwaukee Brewers still have the arm of Josh Hader and a number of young players, led by Christian Yelich, going the other way. The Cubs lost Darvish, but the acquisitions of Joc Pederson and the possible down years of Kris Bryant and Javy Baez could keep them viable. Still, Arenado’s addition is too important to ignore. At a time when it looked like the Cards would go down with the rest of the division, they took advantage of the offseason steal and completely changed the direction of the division. While the rest of the NL Central is playing Moneyball this year and seeing wins as a happy byproduct, the Cardinals are trying to win straight up.

Arenado has a chance to fulfill his lifelong ambitions with the Cardinals

According to, Arenado made an easy transition to St. Louis. Louis. That’s partly because he made a choice he’s wanted to make for a long time: not play in the same division as the Dodgers. The 2020 World Series champions are his family’s team and his favorite team as a kid. So being a division rival was stressful. Another option is to work with Yadier Molina, a veteran catcher who is highly regarded. The third baseman told ESPN: I’ve never seen an experienced player do what [Molina] did….. As a rookie, just finishing his first year in the big leagues, he’s still turned off. It’s great to watch, and it has made me a better player. It has made me a better person. Nolan Arenado to Yadier Molina Such praise is not embarrassing to the usually critical Arenado. Rockies fans will spend the rest of their days wondering what could have been. But Arenado seems to be exactly where he wants to be – and probably should be – in 2021.

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