Nier: Automata is one of the most anticipated releases of 2017. We recently got our hands on the game, and we’re sharing what we know about the upcoming action RPG.

So, how do you get your hands on the best weapons in Nier: Automata? Well, these are a little different from the ones you will get from completing warp zones. These will be dropped by the bosses of the dungeon and will be automatically added to your inventory. All you have to do to get these weapons is to find the boss and defeat it.

It’s been a minute since I did one of these, so I figured I’d make up for it by doing three at once. This is a guide to getting the best weapons in Nier: Automata, so things are going to get a bit technical. It’s broken down into two parts, the first of which is the weapon itself. In the second part, I’ll be talking about how to get the weapon, where to get it, how to get the materials, and how to create it.. Read more about nier reincarnation medals and let us know what you think.

Whether you get weapons via the narrative or through summoning, you will need to Ascend them at some point. We’ve previously discussed Nier Reincarnation’s Ascension system for characters, and it works similarly for weapons, with a few minor exceptions. 

In Nier Reincarnation, ascending weapons raises their level caps (allowing for additional Enhancements), enhances their powers, and unlocks new ones. Overall, doing so will raise your strength and Force number, allowing you to take on more difficult quests, subquests, and events. 

You’ll need 25,000 gold and certain Ascension components to Ascend a weapon. Ascensions may be performed using Pearls and weapons of the same kind and level. Let’s start with Pearl kinds.


  • Pearls are required for 2-star weaponry.
  • Pearl in its natural states are required for 3-star weaponry.
  • Pearl of Darknesss are required for 4-star weaponry.

Arena Coins, Bookmarks, Sunset Port Medals, and Automata Medals may all be used to buy Pearls in the Shop. Here’s how much each one costs in different currencies: 

  • Pearl
    • Arena Coins (75)
    • Ninety bookmarks
    • Medals for 120 Sunset Ports
    • Medals: 120 Automata
  • Natural Pearl 
    • Arena Coins: 400
    • 500 bookmarked pages
    • a total of 600 Sunset Port Medals
    • Medals for Automata 600
  • Black Pearl 
    • Arena Coins (1,200)
    • 1,500 bookmarked pages
    • Medals for the Sunset Port (1,500)
    • A total of 1,500 Automata Medals are available.

It’s conceivable that Pearls drop as a prize from quests, subquests, or events, but I haven’t received one yet.


Ascensions may also be performed with weapons of the same kind and level. If you have two 4-Star Emil Heads, for example, you may use one to Ascend the other. You’ll still need 25,000 Gold, but because summoning duplicate weapons is actually simpler than gathering some of the materials needed to purchase Pearls, this technique may be quicker.

Open the main menu and choose “Enhance” to locate your weapons. Then choose “Weapons” from the drop-down menu. Every weapon in your deck will show, with the exception of those with a red diamond in the top right-hand corner, which may be Ascended.

Weapons may be ascended four times, much like characters.

That’s all there is to it when it comes to Ascending weaponry in Nier Reincarnation. Ascension is required to complete some of Reincarnation’s most difficult missions and objectives, so take use of it whenever you can! 

To max out your weapons soulmate ability, you’ll need to ascend your weapons soulmate, but you can’t do that without first investing a lot of time into the game, and that means grinding for souls.. Read more about nier reincarnation tier list and let us know what you think.

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