Amazingly enough, there are not that many guides out there that tell you how to get the Book of the Eons in Ninja Gaiden Sigma. However, we have prepared a guide that will help you get this most rare and exciting of Ninja Gaiden items.

The GameCube version of Ninja Gaiden Sigma Chamber  is a three-part game, with each level being divided into four stages. Every stage brings new enemies and a new puzzle to solve. Stages two and three are pretty straightforward, but stage four is where things get interesting.

As you progress through the game Ninja Gaiden Sigma, you will come to the monk’s cell in chapter 9. However, it’s relatively easy to do (we’ve outlined the steps below, just in case). This room is important because it contains the Book of Aeons, which you need to continue the story. How do you find the combination to the safe in the monk’s room to get it? Check out our Ninja Gaiden Sigma guide below for everything you need to know. Once you’re in Monk’s room, you can read the notes on the table or follow our detailed instructions below to open the safe.

How to get to the Monk’s Room in Ninja Gaiden Sigma

word-image-10726 Go through the main corridor of the cathedral and turn right. Go through the long rectangular door and enter the archive. Kill the enemies that appear. Beware of the skeleton magician, who can appear and disappear in the blink of an eye. When the enemies are destroyed, the door to the library will open. Then break the glass on the right side and grab the fire shuriken. After you collect it, go left by the scary occult paintings. On the right, there is a stone wall. Jump over the wall to reach a higher platform. word-image-10727 Once up, you’ll see a wall with a cutout. Take the fire shuriken and throw it. The wall will explode. Jump over the enemies that appear behind her and run to the door. You are now at the top of the cathedral. On the other side of the narrow corridor is a door. Open it up. You are now in the monk’s room.

Monk Lock Combination

word-image-10728 When you enter the monk’s room, go to the left and find a table with two candles, an atlas and a pile of folded books. Approach the candles and see an open book. The logbook contains instructions on how to unlock the trunk. Recording 2712, the day and month the monk writes in his diary. Then take the direction: right, left, right.

Solve the riddle of the vault of the monks

To the right of the monk’s room you’ll see an extinguished fireplace with a safe above it. Press the confirm button to start the puzzle. Clockwise to 2, then counterclockwise to 7. Turn counterclockwise to 1, then clockwise to 2. If you get it wrong, you have to start over and leave the puzzle completely. word-image-10729 After solving the puzzle of the chest, you will receive Book of Aeons. You will immediately encounter a wave of enemies and the door will close. Use some burning shuriken to quickly take out the mages. To access the underground section of the Cathedral and go further into history, return to the main hall of the Cathedral. Be careful: Enemies can appear. word-image-10730 Send them or go directly to the stage. After the step, you can go down to the area below. This is how you reach the monk in Ninja Gaiden Sigma and get the combination for his chest. The game only gets harder from here, so good luck! To make your task easier and take out enemies faster, use the Ninpo!

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