Phil Mickelson just became $8 million richer without lifting a single thumb. The golf legend is one of the most consistent players in all of sports and has racked up more than 200 PGA Tour wins over his distinguished career, including 11 majors.

Phil Mickelson just became $8 million richer without lifting a single thumb. The American golfer won the WGC-Mexico Championship on Sunday, October 15th. Read more in detail here: how much did phil mickelson make today.

Phil Mickelson Just Became $8 Million Richer Without Lifting a Single Thumb

PGA Tour earnings for Phil Mickelson have totaled approximately $100 million throughout the course of his career. Thanks to his multiple sponsorships and interests off the course, he’s amassed a net worth of $400 million.

Lefty doesn’t need any more financial help from the PGA Tour at this stage in his career, but he recently got one in the sum of $8 million, and he didn’t have to do anything to obtain it.

In light of the Player Impact Program, Phil Mickelson has ramped up his Twitter game.

Phil Mickelson just earned another $8 million simply thanks to his popularity.

Phil Mickelson just earned another $8 million simply thanks to his popularity. PGA Tour Champions Constellation FURYK & FRIENDS | Ben Jared/PGA Tour via Getty Images Phil Mickelson gives a thumbs up during the final round of the PGA Tour Champions Constellation FURYK & FRIENDS

Mickelson has been a Twitter user since 2018, but it was only this year that he became the most interesting golfer to follow. That’s because there’s a reason for it.

The PGA Tour launched the Player Impact Program on January 1, which is basically a popularity contest in which players are rewarded with large prizes for drawing more people to the game of golf. The top ten players in Impact Score will split a prize of $40 million at the end of the year, with the winner receiving $8 million.

So, what exactly is an Impact Score?

Google search frequency, social media reach, Nielsen score (TV time), Meltwater mentions (global media attention), and Q-score are used to compute a player’s Impact Score (player appeal).

This is why Mickelson has been more active on Twitter than he has ever been. It’s why Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau’s ludicrous middle school slap battle stretched on for so long.

However, since the PIP is here to stay, we’ll have to watch PGA Tour players compete for followers even when they’re not competing for the top place on the leaderboard every week.

Mickelson wins a $8 million bonus over Tiger Woods.

I’d want to express my gratitude to all the nutcases (as well as genuine fans) for………………… assisting me in winning the PiP!! I need to add an event I haven’t played in a while to obtain the second half of the money. I hope to see you at Kapalua. P.S. I’ll attempt to come up with another hotly debated issue shortly.

December 29, 2021 — Phil Mickelson (@PhilMickelson)

The winner of this year’s Player Impact Program has yet to be announced by the PGA Tour, but Mickelson may have just done it for them.

Lefty rushed to Twitter on Wednesday morning to thank the “crazies” for assisting him in winning the PIP and the $8 million prize that comes with it. In the same tweet, he also confirmed that he’ll be competing in the Sentry Tournament of Champions in Kapalua, which begins on Thursday, January 6.

Mickelson opted to poke fun at those who thought he didn’t earn the bonus in his Twitter remarks, ridiculing those who thought he didn’t and disclosing Tiger Woods came in second place in the PIP.

Is there a problem with the system?

The PiP’s whole concept is terrible. You have the two wealthiest golfers in history making even more money for merely being renowned, while all of the minor circuits are suffering financially and might have benefited from a financial boost from the PGA Tour. It’s a no.

December 29, 2021 — Shauheen Nakhjavani (@shkeengolf)

The Player Impact Program concept isn’t always a bad one. Professional golf, particularly among younger fans, could always use extra eyes on its product. Encouraging athletes to make advantage of their large social media followings is a smart strategy to do this.

But what’s the purpose if Mickelson and Woods, the two wealthiest players in history, are going to top the list and collect a combined $14 million every year?

In 2021, Woods did not compete in a single PGA Tour tournament. Mickelson alternated between the PGA Tour and the Champions Tour, and we would have thought it was time for him to join the Champions Tour full-time if it hadn’t been for his incredible PGA Championship victory.

The PIP is undeniably faulty, yet you won’t hear Phil whining about it.

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Dustin Johnson and Phil Mickelson may be the casualties of the PGA Tour’s battle with Greg Norman.

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Phil Mickelson, the American professional golfer, just became $8 million richer without lifting a single thumb. Phil Mickelson has recently signed an endorsement deal with Rolex watches. Reference: phil mickelson endorsement deals.

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