In this article, I will be analyzing the Milwaukee Bucks’ success with their trade deadline acquisitions last season. Specifically, I will discuss how PJ Tucker transformed the Bucks into a title contender and what lessons other teams can learn from his contributions to winning basketball.

The Milwaukee Bucks traded for P.J. Tucker last season and he transformed the team into a title contender. The Boston Celtics are hot on the trail of 2 players that could help them replicate that success, but it is unclear if they will be able to pull off the trade.

PJ Tucker Transformed Milwaukee Into a Title Contender as a Deadline Acquisition Last Season and the Bucks Are Hot on the Trail of 2 Boston Celtics to Try and Replicate That Success

Last season, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Khris Middleton, and Jrue Holiday led Milwaukee to its first NBA championship in almost 50 years. However, PJ Tucker played a key role in the Bucks’ championship run, and trade speculations around the franchise as the 2022 deadline approaches center on a pair of Boston Celtics who may be this season’s PJ.

Dennis Schroder and Grant Williams, both desired men in the Cream City, would offer much-needed depth for another stretch run, much as Tucker provided a year ago.

Will the Bucks be able to compel Boston to make a trade for any of them?

Both Schroder and Williams have been linked to Bucks trade speculations as the deadline approaches.

According to my sources, claims that Boston and Milwaukee have discussed a Dennis Schroder-Donte DiVincenzo exchange are true. The Bucks want the Celtics to include Grant Williams in the transaction, which Boston won’t do since he’s their backup big man.

— Keith Smith (@KeithSmithNBA) February 8, 2022

Milwaukee general manager Jon Horst has never been afraid to make a move that he feels would benefit his club.

The three selections and two pick swaps he used in the deal to acquire Jrue Holiday from the New Orleans Pelicans before the start of the 2020-21 season are the most notable example. He also purchased Tucker right before the deadline last year.

Holiday had a significant influence on the Bucks, but Tucker served a critical defensive role throughout the team’s championship run.

Horst pushed the trigger on a deadline day trade in 2019 that brought his club Nikola Mirotic, but it turned out to be a far less beneficial agreement. Nonetheless, it’s another proof that he’s ready to take a risk.

Milwaukee’s general manager is said to be interested in Boston’s Schroder and Williams this season. According to The Athletic, Horst has sent out feelers for his own guard, Donte DiVincenzo, to see what type of return he can get for a player with whom the Bucks are unable to reach an agreement on a contract extension.

Schroder, as well as Williams, were involved in those discussions.

According to The Athletic, the Bucks were given Schroder in exchange for Donte, but Milwaukee reacted with a request for Williams. As of Feb. 8, conversations between the two clubs are still underway, suggesting that a deal may be made in the closing days before the deadline.

Milwaukee may use one of these Boston role players to fill a need.

The Milwaukee Bucks NBA trade deadline rumor mill appears to begin with a pair of Boston Celtics.

The Milwaukee Bucks NBA trade deadline rumor mill appears to begin with a pair of Boston Celtics. Grant Williams of the Boston Celtics defends as Atlanta Hawks’ John Collins is stripped of the ball by Dennis Schroder. | Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Williams’ appeal to the Bucks is likely to be twofold: First and foremost, the 23-year-old forward would provide Milwaukee with a capable defender. Despite his advertised height of 6-foot-6, the Tennessee graduate weighs close to 240 pounds and has little trouble tackling bigger opponents.

Williams has also shown to be a hard worker, appearing in 50 of the team’s 55 games this season, second only to Jayson Tatum in minutes per night.

More significantly, he’s developed a three-point shooting stroke to complement his defensive power and effort. On 3.5 shots per game, Grant is shooting 42.8 percent from beyond the arc this season. This is up from 37.2 percent last year and 25.0 percent the year before.

When you combine all of those abilities, you get what is effectively a younger version of Tucker. It’s easy to understand why the Bucks like that.

Schroder, on the other hand, would be an excellent boost as backup point guard behind Holiday. This season, the 28-year-old is averaging 14.4 points and 4.3 assists in around 30 minutes per game.

Milwaukee is having trouble in that area. George Hill, a veteran who returned to the team, has soaked up the most of the minutes behind Jrue, but the 35-year-old seems to be on his way out. Hill is hitting just 31.6 percent of his 2.9 tries per game, after leading the league in three-point shooting two seasons ago.

He’s only averaging 7.0 points, 3.2 rebounds, and 2.5 assists in 25.5 minutes a night.

Schroder would take the most of those minutes, if not all, and would be a significant boost over Hill.

The two Celtics seem to be attracting a lot of attention, as both would considerably improve the Bucks’ depth.

The reigning champs want to improve their margins, and any player may help.

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Williams, as a 2022 version of Tucker, seems to be Horst’s major goal. But, if he can’t get the power (literally) forward, Schroder isn’t a terrible backup option.

One would give crucial productivity in the backcourt while the other would fill frontcourt minutes.

As trade rumors swirl about the Bucks in the closing days building up to Feb. 10, both Boston players will undoubtedly be mentioned.

Horst has already shown that he isn’t afraid to invest in his team’s most pressing requirements. Milwaukee will need reinforcements if they are to have a realistic chance of winning back-to-back titles. provided all data.

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The “why did p.j. tucker leave the bucks” is a question that has been present for a while now. Milwaukee was in need of an upgrade at the deadline and they made the decision to acquire P.J Tucker from Phoenix Suns, who had just lost their playoff spot. The Bucks are looking to make another big move this summer to try and replicate what happened last season with the Boston Celtics, who acquired Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward during free agency last year.

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