The new Diablo game has been plagued with lag and latency issues on the controller for months. Tencent, developer of Diablo Immortal, plans to introduce a few changes in an upcoming patch but is still looking at ways to improve performance overall.

Diablo Immortal is a game that was released in 2018. The game has been plagued by lag issues. In this article, there are potential fixes for the controller lag.



Since Diablo Immortal is a transfer of the mobile game, several of the peculiarities unique to mobile gaming seem to have been included. No of the kind of controller used, many PC gamers have noted that a few days after the game’s launch, controller latency is a significant problem.

You’ll find various possible solutions for Diablo Immortal controller latency in this post. Though not all of the following remedies are guaranteed to work, they have all assisted various gamers in fixing the controller not functioning issue. 

Reconnect your controller after disconnecting it

Troubleshooting 101 material, maybe, but it’s still worthwhile to give it a go initially. The problem may potentially be resolved by just plugging the controller back in, according to several gamers. In addition to merely disconnecting and replugging your controller, you also need to perform the following:

  1. Shut off Diablo Immortal.
  2. Close the Blizzard launcher program.
  3. Switch the controller’s plugs.
  4. Use the controller to launch both the game and launcher.

Once the game correctly initializes your controller, maybe the latency will disappear.

Change the game’s controller

Additionally, a lot of gamers overlook the in-game option to convert from mouse and keyboard to gamepad. By doing the following, you may confirm that your settings are accurate:

  1. Activate the “Settings” menu.
  2. Opt for the “Controller” functionality.
  3. Change the “Keyboard” option to “Controller.”

For the updated settings to take effect, your game may also need to be restarted.

Turn off the frame limit settings

The visual options in Diablo Immortal’s PC edition restrict your FPS count, which is one of the primary causes of controller latency. Try the following to perhaps eliminate the lag:

  • Activate the “Settings” menu.
  • Decide on the “Graphics” option.
  • In the FPS section, choose “Uncapped.”
  • In the Vertical Sync section, choose “Off.”
  • In the Image Sharpening section, choose “Off.”

Disable any third-party FPS applications that could be running on your PC and impacting the frame rate of Diablo Immortal in addition to these settings.

In addition to these possible solutions, it’s always worthwhile:

  • examining the wireless controllers’ battery life. 
  • making sure your drivers are current. 
  • making sure your USB port is functional. 
  • removing plugs from other USB-connected gadgets.
  • Activating Bluetooth if the controller is Bluetooth-capable. 

Checking those is simple. Uninstalling and reinstalling the controller software may also help if everything else fails. 

I hope your controller now works flawlessly in Diablo Immortal. Click the linked link to access the relevant instruction if you’re seeking for information on how to adjust the resolution in Diablo Immortal.

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