The NBA’s reigning MVP is known for his explosiveness and vertical jump. LeBron James has a vertical leap of 44 inches, which is the highest in NBA history. In this video, LeBron discusses his athletic background and how he got to where he is today.

Larry Bird is an American retired professional basketball player who played for the Boston Celtics. He was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2010. Read more in detail here: larry bird height.

Nobody could compare to Boston Celtics great Larry Bird. Or maybe there was. Bird, who won three NBA titles and three MVP awards in a row, was unlike anybody else. He discovered the closest thing to himself in 1988 and was immediately enthralled.

Larry Bird was dubbed “the greatest player to ever put on a uniform” by Red Auerbach. 44

Either Red Auerbach was bluffing or he had no idea how talented the future Hall of Famer was when he negotiated a rookie contract with him. Bird was referred to as a “cornerman” by the former Celtics president during talks, and he wasn’t ready to pay him the highest-paid rookie.

According to Sports Illustrated, Auerbach remarked during talks with Bird’s agent Bob Woolf, “A cornerback can’t control the game.” “A large guy, perhaps even a guard. But one guy playing a corner isn’t going to be enough to turn a franchise around.”

Auerbach finally caved down and agreed to a big contract for the youngster. Bird was instrumental in resurrecting the Celtics franchise, leading them to three titles in the 1980s.

He was a 13-year member of the Boston Celtics and was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Bird moved from being a cornerstone to becoming the greatest player ever, according to Auerbach.

According to United Press International, Auerbach stated in 1988, “I’ve done a lot of soul-searching.” “Quite honestly, I’ve concluded that he’s the best player to ever put on a uniform.”

The statue of Larry Bird, which was unveiled at the Boston Garden in 1988, left Larry Bird speechless.


Larry-Bird-Celtics-statue-1-1024x682 Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics stands in front of a life-size wooden sculpture of himself at Boston Garden. Armand LaMontagne, an artist, produced the realistic figure. The project took 15 months to complete. | Photo credit: Getty Images

Prior to a Celtics home game in 1988, a life-size wooden monument of Bird was unveiled. Bird was blown away by the attention to detail that Armand LaMontagne, a woodcarver who had carved sculptures of baseball legends Ted Williams and Babe Ruth, put into his work.

During a press conference at the Garden, Bird remarked, “It’s incredible what the guy can accomplish.” “It’s a tremendous honor since I’m still alive and still performing. I’m happy I can finally appreciate it.”

Before heading out for his morning warmup, Bird got another close look at his clone.

“The attention to detail is incredible,” he added. “The scars and the wounded fingers. It certainly has a higher vertical leap and may be a little faster than I do, but I’m not sure whether it can shoot as well.”

Bird is shown at the free-throw line, his gaze fixed on a looming foul shot. A scar beneath his right eye and a permanently injured finger are among the details.

That night, Bird’s friends and family flocked to Boston for the unveiling of the monument. Georgia Bird, his mother, was present. Gary Holland, his Springs Valley High School coach, also traveled in to see the game against the Indiana Pacers.

Following the game, the statue, which was carved from a 1,800-pound piece of laminated basswood, embarked on its own tour. It visited six different Bank of Boston facilities throughout New England before settling up at the New England Sports Museum as its permanent home.

Bird statues abound, and LaMontagne’s isn’t the only one. One may also be seen at Indiana State University, which honors their greatest basketball player of all time. Bird led the team to victory against Magic Johnson and Michigan State in the 1979 national championship game.

In front of the Hulman Center, the Sycamores installed a 17-foot-tall bronze monument of Bird in 2013.

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