Eiyuden Chronicle is a harem fighting-style RPG with a visual novel style storyline and an emphasis on character development. Another aspect is that the characters are drawn in a full-frame style similar to Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, or Bleach, which makes them look like they’re moving in a manga style.

This week, Rabbit and Bear have announced their next project – a prequel to their popular series Eiyuden Chronicle . This exciting new series will be available for download starting tomorrow, May 5th!

And so the mystery of the Eiyuden Chronicle is solved, at least to a degree. Rabbit and Bear have released their new prequel to Eiyuden Chosou, a prequel that can be found on Rabbit and Bear’s new site, Rabbit & Bear’s Rising. What Rabbit and Bear do is tell the story of all the unknown characters of Eiyuden Chosou, a story of how they became soldiers of their respective factions. Now, this prequel will be called the Eiyuden Chronicle Rising, and will be added over at the end of the series of novels.

word-image-8188 Rabbit & Bear Studios announcedEiyuden Chronicle to Rising, a prequel to Eiyuden Chronicle :. Hundred Heroes, during the Xbox/Bethesda E3 2021 demo. Rising is set in 2022 and explores the biographies of several characters who played key roles inHundred Heroes , but in a different format. The action ofEiyuden Chronicle Rising takes place during the war that forms the plot ofHundred Heroes , and it is an action RPG, not a turn-based RPG. However, it does contain city building mechanics likeHundred Heroes , as you would expect from the spiritual successor toSuikoden. Rabbit & Bear haven’t revealed much about the plot ofEiyuden Chronicle yet, but it turns out there’s a lot more to it than we thought. Studio chief Yoshitaka Murayama said: We’ve been working hard on theEiyuden Chroniclefranchise and… We’re telling a rich story about this franchise, so rich that we can’t possibly tell it in one game. Chronicle of Eyuden: Rising will be available in Game Pass after launch, as willHundred Heroes. Hundred Heroes will also be released on other consoles in 2023, although the developers are not yet saying which consoles it will appear on.Rabbit & Bear are both excited to announce the upcoming release of Eiyuden Chronicle Rising, a 100-hero prequel to their popular Sengoku Otome games. Rabbit & Bear will be releasing the game in English, and will be partnering with American publisher Shanda Games to bring its unique blend of RPG, SRPG and dating simulator gameplay to Asian audiences, which is rarely seen in a Western-published digital title.. Read more about rabbit for sale and let us know what you think.

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