Resident Evil 5, originally released for the PS3 in 2009, received a port to the PC as a prequel to the popular Resident Evil 6 release in 2012. The game was received well, but not as well as the original. In 2011, Capcom announced Resident Evil 6, and in 2012 it was released to positive reviews. The game was a huge hit, but some gamers were left with the feeling of being left out. Resident Evil 5 didn’t have the “Goooaaal!” achievement or trophy.

The game is a lot of fun, but if you want to get to the “Goooaaal!” achievement or trophy, you’ll need to do a few things.

One of the very first achievements and trophies you can get in the Resident Evil Villagegame is Goooaaal! You can get it by moving the ball from Winter’s room to the office. You get 15 Gamerscore on Xbox or a bronze trophy on PlayStation. Those who join the game just for the challenge points will receive 3,000 challenge points, which they can use to get upgrades, such as. For example, you can buy infinite ammo from the store to get extra content. While these achievements and trophies are very easy if you know how to do them, it’s very easy to miss them if you don’t make the effort to do them. Quest progression is combined between Resident Evil Villagesaves, and you need to use a brand new save for this particular quest, as it is at the very beginning ofand. Once you’ve created a new storage space, follow this guide and you’ll be up and running in no time.

How to unlock Goooaaal in Resident Evil Village

word-image-12089 The game begins with the prologue, in which you play as Ethan in the Winters’ house. You are responsible for bringing your daughter Rosa upstairs and into her crib. After you put her to bed and go to Mia, the prologue ends and you enter a new area. For this reason, if you play the game with achievements/trophies, make sure you collect all four collectibles in the house before putting Rose to bed. From the point where you first gained control over Ethan, go right through the double white doors and then left up the stairs. Go left with Rose and go to the white door at the end of the hall. Interact with the crib in the back left corner of this room to put him to sleep. After that, you can start working towards this achievement and this trophy. You probably noticed the big yellow ball on the floor next to her crib when you came in. It is located directly to the left after you put it on the ground, right next to the large multi-colored cube. Position yourself so that you are between the door you entered and the ball. This is the ball with which you must score a goal by pushing it into the office. The office is accessed through the door on the far right of this room, to the left of the desk lamp in the photo below. word-image-12090 Handling the ball is as simple as running to it and rolling it, although you have to be very careful. The ball gets stuck between two objects or in a corner pretty easily, and if that happens, you’re probably out of luck and will unfortunately have to restart the game, even if it only takes a few minutes. You can do this by pausing the game and clicking on the Restart option at the top. Push the ball into the box with two good shots into the opposite corner. Once he is through the door, the achievement and trophy will be released. The Resident Evil Village Goooaaal! achievement trophy is much less difficult than some of the later achievements in the game, so enjoy the easy moments while you can.

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