Roblox is a massively multiplayer online game that allows users to play and create their own virtual worlds. The article provides you with all the locations of swords in this specific theme park, which has been confirmed by Roblox developers.

The “all sword locations in last pirates” is a game that allows players to explore the world of Roblox and find all the swords hidden throughout it.



Although Roblox Grand Pirates might not have as many swords as other One Piece games, it does feature some extremely unique skills. Only unique vendors and at certain moments in the game may buy these swords.

Locations of Swords in Roblox Grand Pirates, as well as their costs and level requirements, will be included in our guide. You’ll also discover which movements each of the three swords has.

Locations of Swords in Roblox Grand Pirates


The one-handed sword style brought by Katana is the starting point for all Roblox Grand Pirates players.

This sword may be purchased from a Katana vendor in Foosha Village on the first island.

Katana’s moves are as follows:

  • Shinshin Sonson (X)
  • Pound Ho [Z]

The first lets you to charge forward and attack, while the second shoots a missile of energy.

Katana duo

The dual sword technique comes with the Katana duo sword, which can be bought from the Katana duo seller on the shore of the Monkey Island, which is located to the south of the starter island.

Make careful to level up since twin swords are only available after you reach Level 100 or above.

Katana duo has the following move set:

  • [X]: Dash
  • [Z]: Climb the Tower

Dash is similar to Shinshin Sonson, but with two swords instead of one, plus a second move that lets you to leap far into the air and land with a blast.

Katana No. 3

The last method enables players to wield three Katana swords at once, and it is only available at the conclusion of the game, if you have reached Level 350+.

The Katana No. 3 seller can be found at the bridge of the Yeti Island, which is located in the southwestern part of the world, between Marine Island and Monkey Island.

Here are the moves of the Katana No. 3:

  • Dragon Twister [X]
  • Onigiri [Z]

The first move generates a tornado that destroys anything it comes into contact with, while the second executes a strong twist with three swords slicing at the same time.

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